Yealink MVC660 conference equipment

Yealink MVC660 conference equipment

Yealink MVC660 Microsoft Teams Room is designed for meeting rooms and delivers the premium team meeting experience you need to seamlessly and intelligently interact, connect, and collaborate with users. The Yealink MVC660 conference device not only simplifies deployment, but also reduces costs.
- 3 microphone arrays
- Dual camera 4K PTZ UVC86
- Yealink MTouch II 8" touchscreen controller
- MSpeech USB speakerphone
- VCR20 . remote control
- Dedicated mini computer MCore

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Yealink MVC660 is the perfect blend of Microsoft Teams Rooms and Yealink's state-of-the-art audio and video solutions, packed with use cases and delivering a great meeting experience in your meeting room. Using the Yealink MVC660 solution in mid-sized rooms for meetings ensures an easy and user-friendly experience.
Why is Yealink MVC660 so flexible and easy to connect?
Yealink MVC660 is a video terminal for medium-sized conference rooms and allows you to securely and securely mount it in one convenient place in the meeting room.
- 1x UVC86 12X optical PTZ 4K smart camera
- VCR20 . remote control
- 1x MCore mini-PC and MTouch II
- 1x MSpeech AI meeting audio
A video conferencing solution designed for midsize rooms. Yealink MVC660 includes 1 UVC86 4K camera for smart video experience, intelligent MSpeech noise-cancelling speakerphone that completely covers mid-spatial audio, MCore mini-PC and MTouch II touch panel, solution Yealink MVC660 allows users to enjoy seamless team meeting in room size. Yealink MVC660 simple and fast deployment with CAT5e cable technology, wireless content sharing with WPP20 and Yealink device management platform are guaranteed easy and user-friendly experience.
The Yealink MVC660 Conference Kit is flexible to connect conference equipment to video, audio and content display areas, and you can easily switch between channels during the meeting.
Yealink MVC660 is a Microsoft Teams Certified video conferencing toolkit for native video conferencing experiences in medium-professional rooms.