Yealink MVC800 conference equipment set

Yealink MVC800 Conference Kit (up to 4 devices can be connected)

Yealink MVC800 Microsoft Teams Room system for medium to large rooms with two microphones that have a 360° receiving range and can connect up to four devices and a powerful tilt-zoom camera with 12x optical zoom. With the Yealink MVC800 conference device, you can easily start and manage meetings of up to 20 people
- Premium audio and video meeting experience
- 12x optical zoom camera with 1080p
- Built-in 2 microphones
- 20ft (6 meters) voice pickup range
- Yealink noise cancellation technology
- Suitable for large meetings from 12 to 20 people

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Yealink MVC800 is an easy-to-use and native video conferencing solution specifically designed for Microsoft Teams rooms. The Yealink MVC800 conference unit includes two or 2 VCM34 array microphones (up to 4 units can be connected) and a 12x optical zoom UVC80 camera for sharp images and meets requirements for medium to large meeting rooms .
Why Yealink MVC800 saves time to join meetings faster?
Yealink MVC800 optimizes meeting experience and provides users with flexible deployment options for medium to large meeting rooms
- MVC800 for medium and large rooms (12-20 people)
- 12x . optical UVC80 PTZ camera
- 2 × VCM34 . array microphones
- Voice recognition range 20ft / 360°
- Yealink MSpeaker soundbar speakers
- 1X WPP20 . Wireless Content Sharing
Yealink MVC800 is designed with Microsoft Teams and Skype in mind, it provides a native meeting experience for businesses with medium to large conference rooms. This complete video conferencing room solution includes a touch panel, content sharing device, audio and video peripherals, and a mini PC. With 2 VCM 34 microphone arrays that can pick up 20ft (6m) voices and built-in Yealink Noise Canceling technology, everyone in the meeting room hears clearly and crisply. The UVC80 USB PTZ video conferencing camera features 12x optical zoom with a long depth of field that allows distant participants to see meeting participants at the back of the room without loss quality.