Yealink MVC840 conference equipment

Yealink MVC840 Conference Equipment Set - 4K for Microsoft Teams - Good Price

Yealink MVC840 conference equipment set is a video conferencing solution for large meeting rooms,. Yealink MVC840 comes with MCore mini-PC, 4K camera and is specially designed for Microsoft Teams rooms.
- Camera 4K UVC84 USB PTZ
- Auto frame participants
- 2x 3 microphone array with 360° voice capture (6m range)
- 8" (20cm) touch screen control panel
- USB-C & HMDI . Content Inputs
- Support for additional speakers and mic
- Easy and fast connection: Plug & Play

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Yealink MVC840 High-end conferencing equipment such as 12x optical zoom and 4K sensor, UVC84 Camera, enables a great video experience. Yealink MVC840 is a powerful yet convenient solution for Microsoft Teams video conferencing in large rooms. The Yealink MVC840 conferencing suite offers a panoramic video conferencing solution to cover all meeting rooms from small to large.
Yealink MVC840 conferencing equipment flexibly and reliably deploys to any meeting room. Yealink MVC840 matches Microsoft Teams for a smooth one-touch meeting experience.
- 4K . resolution PTZ camera
- 12X optical zoom 4k camera with 80° . wide field of view
- 8-inch 10-point fixed touch screen (1280 X 800 resolution)
- 10W HD Soundbar: Wired Microphone
- Simple cable management: single Cat5e cable to the desk
- Microsoft certified Yealink MCore computer, dual monitor support
- Suitable for medium - large meeting rooms: 4-20 people
- Automatically close / open the participant frame
- Camera presets available
- Ports and interfaces: USB-B, 3.5mm jack, RJ45, power port
- Ability to lock the device for more security
Perfectly integrated with Microsoft Teams and advanced video solution Yealink MVC840 now comes with a 4K camera and will give you the meeting experience you deserve.
The Yealink MVC840 conference device is designed with all-in-one multifunction in mind, the MTouch II touch panel allows you to easily perform call control, connectivity, camera control, content sharing , seamless collaboration and other functions.
Yealink MVC840 Video Conferencing
- You share your screen wirelessly with one click thanks to WPP20, or via USB or HDMI connected to your computer.
- As a Microsoft Team Room solution, Yealink MVC840 gives you direct access to your team meetings without having to carry a computer. With a simple click to share your screen wirelessly or connect your tablet, you join the meeting.
- Can switch to BYOD mode, allowing you to connect your PC to the camera and launch video conferencing on any communication software thanks to Yealink MVC-BYOD-Extender.