Yealink MVC860 Microsoft Teams Rooms Conference System

Yealink MVC860 Microsoft Teams Rooms Conference System

The Yealink MVC860 Video Conferencing Device provides a great audio, video conferencing and collaboration solution, allowing presenters to lead meetings in live view and efficiency. The Yealink MVC860 conference equipment set is designed for medium and large meeting rooms, while ensuring an easy, user-friendly experience.
- MCore Pro mini computer,
- UVC86 dual-eye 4K camera,
- 2 conference microphones VCM34,
- 1x WPP20 for wireless content sharing
- MSpeaker II soundbar,
- PoE switch for audio connection

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The Yealink MVC860 Meeting Room System for Medium and Large Rooms provides an easy-to-use video conferencing solution specifically designed for Microsoft Teams.Yealink MVC860 rooms are a Microsoft Teams Rooms suite with the essential components for setting up a Professional video conferencing system
How many monitors can I use with Yealink MVC860?
The Yealink MVC860 conferencing set is designed with the unique characteristics and needs of a video conferencing room in mind.
• 1x Smart Camera PTZ 4K optical zoom UVC86 12X, remote control VCR20,
• Yealink MCore Mini-PC and MTouch II
• Wireless Content Sharing Pod with WPP20
• 2x VCM34 array microphones;
• 1x Yealink MSpeaker II,
• 1x PoE audio connection,
• Mini-PC with pre-installed Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS
Designed for medium to large rooms, the Yealink MVC860 Microsoft Teams Rooms system is an all-in-one video solution with a UVC86 4K dual eye-tracking video conferencing camera, MCore mini PC, and MTouch II touch panel. Users can also choose video conferencing equipment such as VCM34/VCM38/CPW90 array microphones and MSpeakerII Soundbar to work with the MVC860. The bundled solution delivers the native and premium Microsoft Teams Room meeting experiences you need to seamlessly and intelligently interact, connect, and collaborate with all users.
Features of the Yealink MVC860 conference equipment set
- The right user interface compatible with Microsoft Teams, the best conference experience
+ User interface designed specifically for Microsoft Teams provides many advanced meeting features. Designed for video conferencing with multifunction in mind, the dedicated MTouch II touch panel for meeting management lets you easily control calls, adjust cameras, share content and more. . In addition, MTouch II gives you the professionalism that the conferencing system can automatically start the meeting right away.
- Flexible options with a personalized audio solution
The Yealink MVC860 system brings more flexibility to audio solutions. Users can select audio devices such as the VCM34, VCM38 or CPW90, which can also be combined with the MSpeaker II sound bar for specific needs.
- Smooth UVC86 tracking & multiple sound quality solutions
+ Wide-angle Yealink UVC86 camera allows to automatically frame all participants present at the meeting, track the speaker of the speaker who is talking in the meeting, and track the speaker of the speaker at the meeting , keeping you hands-free and focused on the meeting itself. Meanwhile, thanks to the Yealink camera control plug-in and presets that support panning, tilting and mechanical zoom functions can be done quietly and quickly. Equipped with 12x optical zoom, the UVC86 supports 4K Ultra HD video calls to capture clear images of everyone in the meeting room. Yealink UVC86 for smooth, professional and smooth online video conferencing whenever meeting participants are in your meeting room. Users can choose from VCM34/VCM38/CPW90 array microphones and MSpeakerII speakers that are compatible with the MVC860. In addition, Yealink Noise Proof technology effectively eliminates background noise and noise so you can enjoy clear voice even in noisy environments.
- Real-time wireless content sharing
The unique wireless sharing solution will allow video conference participants to share content with a single click via the WPP20 Wi-Fi dongle. With 1080P/30FPS FHD high resolution, WPP20 provides users with the best experience. Besides, you can share wired content by connecting to USB type C port or HDMI port.
- Simple to deploy
With VCH gateway, MCore is designed to be scalable according to meeting room requirements so deployment can be easy and can cover video conferencing rooms of different sizes. At the same time, its design with cable management ensures the stability of the connection and can achieve the most suitable deployment according to the layout of the meeting room. A single CAT5e data cable can be used to connect the TV area and to the conference table where the MTouch II control panel is located, simultaneously completing data transmission and powering, no additional power or open cables required. This not only simplifies deployment, but also effectively reduces costs.
The Yealink MVC860 video conferencing suite delivers the premium Teams meeting experience you need to connect and collaborate with users with a guaranteed unique video conferencing experience