Yealink MVC940 Microsoft Teams Room conferencing

Yealink MVC940 Microsoft Teams Room conferencing

Yealink MVC940 is a certified Extra Large Room video conferencing device for Microsoft Teams. The Yealink MVC940 Microsoft Teams Room conferencing suite is an all-in-one video solution that delivers everything you need to interact.
- Mini-PC and cable management box
- Yealink MTouch touch panel
- Yealink MShare to share content
- Camera-Hub
- 2 x UVC80 USB PTZ cameras
- 4 x VCM34 array microphones (optional)
- Yealink MSpeaker sound bar (optional)

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The Yealink MVC940 Teams conferencing suite is the ideal video conferencing solution for businesses, it's specially designed and easy to use for Microsoft Teams. Yealink MVC940 provides a panoramic video conferencing solution to cover meeting rooms of all sizes from small to large. The MVC940 takes a high-performance minicomputer and takes both aesthetics and feasibility into account.
Want to buy Yealink MVC940 Video Conferencing System?
The Yealink MVC940 conferencing suite delivers successful, high-quality audio and video meetings in a large space.
- Video solution package designed for extra-large rooms
- Includes MCore Mini-PC,
- 8" MTouch II touch panel,
- Camera-Hub,
- 2x UVC84 USB PTZ Cameras,
- 2x WPP20 . Wireless Presentation Case
- Multi-camera solution; Support for adjusting camera layout
- Connect up to 6 Micro
- Support Yealink conference device management
Microsoft Teams Room System Yealink MVC940 adds Microsoft Teams compatibility to your extra-large room video conferencing application. The feature-rich bundled kit includes one MCore Mini-PC, one MTouch II Touch Panel, one Camera-Hub, two UVC84 USB PTZ Cameras, and two WPP20 Wireless Presentation Cases. Join meetings with a single touch and enjoy the reliable support of Yealink's cloud service/Device Management platform for remote management, monitoring, configuration, and diagnostics.
Users can benefit from two high-quality 4K cameras with 12x optical zoom for a crystal-clear video experience including auto-framing, Yealink UVC84 can identify participants and automatically adjust the aspect ratio so that suitable for people of all visions.
Furthermore, MVC940 comes with a wide range of flexible audio solutions so users can build their ideal Teams room. The Yealink VCM34 microphone is table-mountable in meeting rooms and can be cascaded up to 4 units, or mount the Yealink VCM38 ceiling-mount microphone for maximum coverage and even speakers for an optimal Teams sound system.
Unusual features of Yealink MVC940 conference equipment
- Start Team Meeting with MVC940 Package Solution
    Yealink MVC940 Microsoft Teams Room is designed for large meeting rooms and is an all-in-one video conferencing solution with MCore mini-PC, 8" Mtouch II touch panel, UVC90 camera, 2 x UVC84 4K cameras, 2 x WPP20 and MSpeaker II audio systems, providing everything you need to seamlessly connect and interact with smart users inside or out.
- 4k . all-motion recording performance
    + The UVC84 camera with 4K sensor and 12x optical zoom delivers a stunning video experience and is perfect for medium to large rooms. Auto-framing allows UVC84 to recognize attendees and automatically frame everyone in the most appropriate view in rooms of any size. Protective design, secure privacy, and automatically keep your meetings safe and secure.
- Yealink MVC940 flexible, personalized options for audio solutions
    + Yealink MVC940 conference equipment brings flexibility to audio and video solutions. Users can choose from Microsoft Teams certified voice devices for specific needs such as: Yealink VCM34 microphone, VCM38 ceiling microphone and MSpeaker II speaker.
- Multiple connection options Simplify connections
    + Connect the MCore mini PC to set up according to the specific layout of each room. Users can do it on the wall, on the table. In addition, Yealink MVC940 integrates data management with MCore cables and power into CAT5e, reducing deployment time and simplifying complex connections.
- Supports wired and wireless meeting content sharing
    + Just plug in Yealink WPP20 and one click users can share content wirelessly. You can also connect to your Laptop via USB type C port or HDMI port for easy content sharing. With the Yealink MVC940, meeting participants have the flexibility to choose from a flexible way to share wireless or wired content and creative ideas through productive Teams meetings.
- Manage your devices remotely
    + Yealink MVC940 solution supports Yealink device management platform and Cloud service. Support users to manage, monitor, monitor, configure, update Yealink audio and video devices as well as peripherals on a remote platform perfectly.
Yealink MVC940 Microsoft Teams video conferencing suite for professional video calling in extra-large rooms.