Yealink MVC960 conference equipment set

Yealink MVC960 conference equipment set

The Yealink MVC960 Microsoft Teams Rooms, designed for extra-large rooms, is a bundle of video solutions that deliver the premium Teams meeting experience you need to interact, connect, and collaborate with the users inside. and outside seamlessly and intelligently
- Includes MCore Mini-PC
- MTouch II touch panel
- AVHub
- 2x UVC86 USB Camera
- 2x WPP20 wireless
- Compatible with Microsoft Teams

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Yealink MVC960 is an all-in-one video solution with dual UVC86 dual-eye cameras, new MCore Pro PC, MTouch II touch panel, AVHub and an MVC-BYOD extender. The Microsoft Teams-certified Yealink MVC960 conferencing appliance includes everything you need to set up a professional Teams video call experience in extra-large conference rooms.
How do customers evaluate Yealink MVC960?
Yealink MVC960 conferencing suite delivers the high-quality group video experience you're looking to interact with, MVC960 seamlessly and intelligently connects and collaborates with internal and external users, Yealink MVC960 conferencing device with multiple layout options so you can watch your video streams at their best.
- Microsoft Teams Rooms standalone solution based on Windows
- Dual cameras, ideal for ultra-wide meeting rooms
- Take photos in 4K UHD quality and x20.4 zoom in HD
- 180° panoramic viewing angle for a panoramic view of the room
- Automatically close / open the frame around the participant
- Follow and zoom in speaker
- USB dongle for wireless screen sharing
- Up to 4 simultaneous content shares
- Connection hub for simple installation
- Classic USB connection to the BYOD-Extender box
Yealink MVC960 provides you with a variety of camera solutions to support adjusting the camera layout to meet the requirements of each meeting room. You can use MVC960 with MVC-BYOD-Extender to turn a Microsoft Teams room into a multi-purpose room. Simply plug the USB cable into your computer to use the cross-platform meeting software.
The Yealink MVC960 Microsoft Teams video conferencing package equips some of the largest meeting rooms with professional meeting equipment. Native Teams integration provides all users with a familiar app interface that anyone can use. One-touch meeting controller commands make it easy to start, join, or exit a meeting
Perfect for rooms designed to hold 20 or more people, the MVC960 helps deploy a meeting room solution tailored to the needs of your business or university.