DECT headphones are good for work

Top Yealink DECT headphones are great for the office or home. DECT headphones have nearly ten times the range of other headsets. They are ideal for large environments such as factories, hospitals or hotels. DECT headsets support connection with DECT devices to achieve efficient and convenient real-time communication in industrial scenarios. so businesses often use them as part of their enterprise-wide communication system.

360ºconference camera immersive collaboration

The 360º camera has ushered in a new era of video conferencing, revolutionizing the way we connect and collaborate remotely. In the modern business landscape, there has been a significant increase in reliance on video conferencing. The 360º camera has become an essential tool for communication, collaboration and decision making.

Yealink's Video Bar System for Zoom

As one of the first Zoom Rooms partners, Yealink believes in bringing simple, easy-to-use devices with a pleasant user experience to everyone. By working with Zoom to provide Zoom-certified telephony and video solutions for every user situation, Yealink makes a full range of devices. Yealink video solutions for Zoom Rooms for small, medium and large meeting rooms, and Yealink offers all-inclusive solutions with the MeetingBar video bar.

Review Yealink BH series Bluetooth headset

In today's highly mobile business environment, freedom of movement and comfort are essential. The new Yealink ΒH line of wireless Bluetooth headsets offers what active workers are the most, premium sound quality with features ideal for a variety of work environments.