Yealink RoomCast for Zoom Rooms

Yealink RoomCast for Zoom Rooms

Integrate Yealink RoomCast for Zoom Rooms into your conference space for a wireless presentation and collaboration system that supports Zoom features and enables wireless sharing of up to four devices. Connect to an HDMI display and output UHD 4K video at 60fps via the RoomCast's HDMI port.
• Zoom digital signage
• Yealink Wireless Presentation Cover
• Zoom live sharing
• Cast 4 screens
• Power over Ethernet
• Remote device management
• AES 128 data encryption

Mã Product: RoomCast-Zoom Rooms

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Yealink RoomCast for Zoom Rooms provides a simple solution for wireless content presentation in conference rooms as well as digital signage via Zoom. RoomCast-Zoom supports images up to 4K Ultra HD resolution, allowing you to share your screen with a connected HD display via the Zoom live sharing feature or by using the split key Share Zoom.
The Yealink RoomCast-Zoom presentation system gives meeting attendees a wireless content sharing option for their collaboration space. Yealink RoomCast-Zoom allows meeting participants to share thoughts and ideas more easily than ever.
• Zoom digital signage
• Yealink Wireless Presentation Cover
• Up to 4K UHD video at 60 FPS
• Share content wirelessly on the room screen
• Full, native zoom experience
• Share slideshows up to 4 screens
• Powering Gigabit Ethernet with PoE . support
• Remote device management
• Two USB-A ports, HDMI display output
• AES 128 data encryption
RoomCast-Zoom also works with digital signage, allowing you to share images, videos or web pages when not using it for video conferencing. A flexible solution, it can cycle through images or web pages, be scheduled, deployed by room, and more. As well as sharing content, you can place digital signage through the Zoom live sharing feature or with a share key.
Yealink RoomCast for Zoom Rooms supports 4K ultra HD Zoom digital signage features to project engaging content to staff and guests. Digital signage allows you to share images, videos or web pages on your Zoom Room display. Also, as an enterprise-class wireless presentation device, Yealink RoomCast Zoom allows participants to share their screen to TV simultaneously through Yealink wireless presentation group, AirPlay, Zoom live sharing and share key Zoom and use interactive collaboration features. This can facilitate local collaboration in traditional meeting rooms and increase productivity. Furthermore, except for being compact and integrated with 802.11ac 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi, Yealink RoomCast Zoom can support providing STA/AP/P2P Wi-Fi mode at the same time and PoE power or DC for you to choose from. Yealink RoomCast - Zoom can become the best wireless presentation solution for small and medium-sized meeting rooms or multimedia organizations