Yealink RoomPanel for Microsoft Teams

Yealink RoomPanel for Microsoft Teams

A compact touchscreen ideal for mounting outside the meeting space, the Yealink RoomPanel displays meeting details and enables on-site bookings via Teams or Outlook 365 scheduling apps.
- 8-inch 10-point interactive whiteboard
- Anti-fingerprint screen
- High visibility LED
- Built-in WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0
- Native integration with Microsoft Teams
- Simple and convenient remote device management

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Yealink RoomPanel is a Microsoft Teams touch screen for mounting outside the conference room - dedicated video conferencing solution.
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Manage your meeting rooms easily and efficiently with Yealink RoomPanel. You can reserve meeting rooms or check room status instantly via the 8-inch touchscreen with the Groups interface. The LED indicators of the reservation screen indicate whether the room is empty or occupied.
- 8-inch multi-touch screen with anti-fingerprint coating
- One tap to reserve meeting space
- Colored LED bar to indicate current room status
- Quick view details on location and availability
- Up-to-date scheduling status with important meeting information
- Automatic screen wake-up and brightness adjustment
- Built-in WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0
- Support Pairing with Yealink Occupancy Sensor (coming soon)
- Share content wirelessly
- Equipment management
The Yealink RoomPanel is a dedicated Microsoft Teams-compatible device with a compact multi-touch display and is ideal for mounting outside the meeting space to display the details of a scheduled meeting via the Teams calendar or Outlook. 365. RoomPanel is also activated to book availability on the spot and show current room availability.
Yealink RoomPanel is an all-in-one 8'' interactive room control panel that provides the easiest and most convenient way to schedule and use meeting rooms. Its two full RGB LED bars allow viewers to instantly know room availability from a distance. The ability to connect to room sensors without the need for an auxiliary port can automatically update the room status in real time. Its provided various brackets allow you to deploy the panel on any wall with just one cable. Furthermore, it is equipped with a built-in NFC/RFID reader, microphone array, stereo speakers and PoE or DC power adapter, which can satisfy any modern workspace need.