Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms

Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms

Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms is a convenient - dedicated room scheduling board that is mounted outside a conference room to allow people to book rooms, check-in and check-out, and more.
• 8" (16:10) LCD panel
• Resolution: 1280x800
• Viewing Angle (H/V): ±80°/±80°
• 10 point capacitive multi-touch
• Ambient & Proximity Light Sensor
• Built-in WiFi & Bluetooth

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The Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms features a compact touchscreen and is ideal for mounting outside the meeting space to display meeting details. The Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms is also activated to reserve on-site rooms and indicate current room availability.
Can you use Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms with a free account?
The Yealink RoomPanel appliance for Zoom Rooms streamlines meeting scheduling and helps your employees collaborate more effectively. Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms gives you a Zoom Experience that makes it a great investment for your office.
- 8 inch touch screen and 9 . Android operating system
- Resolution: 1280x800
- Rotating viewing angle: ±80° / ±80°
- Wi-Fi & Bluetooth or Ethernet network connection
- 10 point touch ability
- Anti-fingerprint coating
- High visibility LED light bar
Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms is equipped with a sleek design and high visibility LED lights that change as the room is in use so colleagues can easily view the status or room without getting too close. The display includes a proximity sensor to wake the device up when someone approaches. This TR sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness to the optimal setting based on the surroundings. RoomPanel for Zoom supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac 2x2 MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, and has a 13.56 MHz RFID/NFC card reader for meeting room access control. This unit can be easily mounted on almost any vertical surface and is PoE or D/C compatible for seamless installments.