Yealink RoomPanel Plus

Yealink RoomPanel Plus Schedule Dashboard - High Quality

Yealink RoomPanel Plus enhances your scheduling experience dedicated and ideal for meeting rooms. The Yealink RoomPanel Plus interactive display shows the current room status and allows you to reserve an empty room on the spot.
- 10.1" LCD screen
- 10 point capacitive touch screen
- Camera 2 million pixels
- Android 11
- High visibility LEDs
- Automatically adjust the screen brightness and automatically turn on the screen when there are people

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Yealink RoomPanel Plus is a versatile online meeting room scheduling and management device integrated with Microsoft Teams. The Yealink RoomPanel Plus has a dedicated compact design with a multi-touch screen ideal for mounting outside of every meeting room.
Discover new equipment Yealink RoomPanel Plus for meeting rooms
The feature-packed Yealink RoomPanel Plus meeting room schedule board with anti-fingerprint display is ideal for mounting outside the meeting space to display scheduled meeting details via the calendar app
- Anti-fingerprint screen
- 10.1" LCD screen
- 10 point touch screen
- Camera 2 million pixels
- Android 11
- Connect USB, Wifi, Bluetooth
- Full RGB LED bar for comprehensive direct communication of room status
Yealink RoomPanel Plus is also activated so that reservations are available on the spot and indicate current room availability. You can also check out all Video Conferencing models, for small and medium conference rooms thanks to Yealink RoomPanel Plus
Access to the new Yealink RoomPanel Plus
- Designed for a better scheduling experience, RoomPanel Plus's spacious 10.1-inch multi-touch screen makes it easy to view meeting details clearly and book rooms for unexpected meetings. export or in the future. Built-in Android 11 system gives you faster, more reliable and safer user experience. Plus, with its sleek and lightweight design, RoomPanel Plus easily complements diverse spaces.
See room status at a glance
- With a stylish new white design and full-color LED lights, you can easily see the readiness of the meeting room from a distance. This feature allows your team and guests to quickly locate their assigned room, simplifying the meeting scheduling process. When paired with RoomSensor, RoomPanel Plus can automatically update room status, giving you a smarter and more user-friendly meeting experience.
Choose your preferred UC provider
- RoomPanel Plus is compatible with most third-party UC scheduling providers and will continue to expand compatibility with more providers in the future.
- When you start the device, you have the flexibility to choose the UC provider of your choice and enjoy an instant personalized scheduling experience.
Easy to install on your space
- Mounting bracket and included cable management allow you to easily install devices with just one cable. Additionally, you have the flexibility to mount the RoomPanel Plus on glass, a wall, or with a rail, depending on your specific space requirements.
Explore more possibilities*
- Dual-band wifi suppost, with 802.11ac wifi for wireless network deployment. The built-in bluetooth chip allows connection to RoomSensoe, supporting future expansion.
- Built-in RED and NFC features support enhanced ID authorization for a secure meeting.
Seamless integration with compatible software, RoomPanel Plus enables facial recognition and identity authentication.
- Combined with Yealink RoomSensor, RoomPanel Plus can detect room availability, register auto-pairing and adjust room status
Yealink RoomPanel Plus can be comfortably installed, flexible and suitable for any meeting room.