Yealink RoomSensor

Yealink RoomSensor

Yealink RoomSensor multifunctional wireless presence sensor for use with Yealink RoomPanel. Combine several functions to detect room occupants, lighting conditions, temperature and humidity. The Yealink RoomSensor device creates a smart, efficient and economical workspace.

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The Yealink RoomSensor is a passive infrared sensor for use with the Yealink RoomPanel. This convenient sensor enables automatic room count updates and smart bookings via the scheduling screen - simplifying your conference room experience. RoomSensor connects to RoomPanel via Bluetooth LE - no additional IoT gateway or network connection required. It is powered by a removable CR123 Lithium battery with a lifespan of 5 years - completely cordless. In addition to being a passive infrared sensor, it also has a light, temperature and humidity sensor.
Multifunctional wireless sensor for business
- Yealink RoomSensor, an enterprise-grade wireless passive infrared (PIR) sensor, enabled for multiple sensing features of occupied space, lighting conditions, temperature and humidity, and more. With built-in Bluetooth 5.0 and a lithium battery, it's compact and cable-free to deploy. Furthermore, RoomSensor can be linked with various IoT devices and Yealink Workspace Management Platform, to build a smart and energy efficient workspace.
Outstanding sensitivity, reliable transmission
With passive infrared (PIR) technology, Yealink RoomSensor performs excellent occupant detection with remarkable accuracy. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 makes signal transmission stable and reliable.
Ideal and scalable solution for multi-size spaces
As a compact all-in-one sensor, the single RoomSensor is ideal for use in small and medium-sized meeting rooms. And for large devices, multi-sensor network via Bluetooth mesh can be applied to deploy wider coverage.
Cable installation and no problems
Powered by a replaceable lithium battery and wireless connectivity, RoomSensor can be deployed without any cables. The magnetic design also makes installation/maintenance easy and convenient. Furthermore, the adjustable "lens" allows for different sensor area configurations and adds adaptability to deployments.
Integrate with IoT Terminals Bring Smart Workspaces
- RoomSensor is qualified to coordinate and link with other smart IoT terminals, offering features like automatic check-in, lighting control, meeting room clearance, and more. to turn traditional meeting rooms into smart workspaces.