Yealink SIP-T42U IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T42U IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T42U IP Phone intelligently filters noise, enhances internal conferencing, increases Bluetooth connection and increases SIP Account Yealink SIP-T42U is a feature-rich business tool for excellent communication
- 2.7" (192 x 64px) graphic LCD display with backlight
- Support Up to 12 SIP accounts
- Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
- USB headset and EHS support
- Wi-Fi via WF40 / WF50
- Bluetooth via BT40 / BT41

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Yealink SIP T42U greatly improves the call experience with excellent voice quality and crystal clear voice communication. Yealink SIP T42U phone feels faster and more responsive when it comes to calling features
Do you want a phone that allows you to make calls over the Internet, whether at home or at the office?
Yealink SIP-T42U is a SIP phone that will work on most VoIP telephony platforms. The Yealink SIP-T42U IP Phone is designed with an attractive elegant appearance to suit any modern office, it is like the new T4 series that is a powerful helper for the modern business with innovations to increase better interactivity and collaboration.
- 2.7 inch 192×64 pixel graphic LCD display with backlight
- Dual USB ports
- Up to 12 SIP accounts
- PoE . support
- Unified T4U Auto-P model
- Unified T42U software
- Support 3-way group conference
- Stand with two adjustable angles, can be wall mounted
- USB recording support
- Wi-Fi via WF40 / WF50, Bluetooth via BT41
The Yealink SIP-T42U VoIP phone is a business tool that provides an excellent communication solution and extensive functionality. With multiple programmable keys built in, this 12-line IP phone ensures enhanced productivity. Yealink Optima HD Voice technology and the addition of the Opus codec give you superb sound quality, distortion-free communication, and crystal-clear voice. Furthermore, the SIP-T42U has dual USB ports allowing you to use the adapter for Bluetooth and WiFi, as well as use the USB headset and USB recorder (sold separately).

Comes with two USB ports, the SIP-T42U is your right hand in the office, making it possible for you to use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB headsets and USB recorders and you can use any choice you want. two ports to your liking to enrich the features of Yealink SIP- T42U. Meanwhile, the phone has three pages of flexible buttons that can be easily programmed with up to 15 paperless DSS keys.
Yealink SIP-T42U supports easy and efficient mass deployment with Yealink voice and provisioning service (RPS) and Start-up mechanism to help you realize Zero Touch Licensing without any manual settings. any complex work, making the T4U series simple to deploy, easy to maintain and upgrade. Furthermore, the unified firmware and auto-p model applies to all T42U phone models, resulting in more time and cost savings for businesses and enhancements to increase interoperability and collaborate better and simplify management and maintenance.