Yealink SIP-T48U IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T48U - Yealink SIP-T48U Touch Screen IP Phone

Yealink SIP- T48U large touch screen fast, easy and convenient application. The Yealink SIP-T48U IP Phone gives you outstanding voice quality and crystal clear voice communications.
• Backlit 7" color touch screen
• Optima HD Audio with Sound Shield and Smart Noise Filtering
• Built-in 16 SIP accounts
• PoE . support
• 2-angle adjustable stand
• Built-in Wi-Fi via WF40/WF50, Bluetooth via BT41
• Support for expansion modules
• USB recording support

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Have you ever expected a new phone that will give you the ability to call over an internet connection from your home or office? Yealink SIP-T48U IP phone is equipped with intelligent sound and noise filtering to increase local conferencing capabilities, increasing connectivity. The Yealink SIP-T48U IP Phone is a dynamic communication solution for executives and professionals.
What is the difference between Yealink SIP-T48Sand Yealink SIP-T48U?
The Yealink SIP-T48U is a full-featured Gigabit IP phone with a large touchscreen panel for rich visuals, clear, lifelike communications.
- 7-inch backlit touch screen, resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
- 2 USB-A ports
- Up to 16 SIP accounts
- Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet port
- Support EHS and USB headset
- Built-in Wi-Fi with optional USB 2.0 dongle WF40/WF50
- Bluetooth with optional USB dongle BT40/BT41
- Color EXP43 . expansion module support
- 2-angle adjustable stand
The Yealink SIP-T48U is a premium entry-level desk phone. The SIP-T48U features a stunning 7" HD display that provides a familiar touchscreen interface to operate the phone. Dedicated call handling buttons. Using enhanced efficiency, you're never looking for a place to press.The SIP-T48U IP Phone features Optima HD sound quality, for full and natural voice, enhanced intelligibility and reliability. You get Optima HD using a hearing aid compatible handset and a full duplex speakerphone.In addition, the SIP-T48U has two USB ports that support USB headsets, a USB stick for audio recording. call or the Yealink USB protector to enable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connection.
The Yealink SIP-T48U is part of the Yealink T4U family of IP phones with unified firmware across all models that makes it much simpler to deploy, manage, and update a group of phones, making it easier for all The device is always up-to-date and secure. Yealink SIP- T48U is an open SIP phone that can be compatible with a wide range of VoIP phone systems and services. It supports 16 SIP accounts. The T48U has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports PoE.
Upgraded features include improved CPUs for faster boot times and smoother user interfaces, 2 USB ports, 10-way audio conferencing, noise cancellation technology, and compatibility with Yealink EXP43 expansion module.
SIP-T48U Gigabit VoIP Phone with Touch Screen
- Yealink SIP-T48U is the successor of SIP-T48S and has many improvements to make it work even better with platforms like 3CX and Broadsoft. The business phone features a large and clear 7" color LCD display for user-friendly operation.With 2 Gigabit Ethernet connections, HD audio and headset connectivity, it's the perfect device. The elegant design and the ability for up to 16 SIP accounts make this VoIP phone extremely suitable for use at the receiving station.
Amazing HD sound quality
- The sound of Yealink SIP-T48U is optimized by Opus codec to deliver higher HD sound quality than other codecs. Voice sound is always clear and realistic so it seems like the interlocutors are in the same room. Another innovation of Yealink SIP-T48U is support for HAC (Hearing Aids Compatibility), which also makes the device suitable for the hearing impaired.
For Receptionists, Directors, Operators
- With a large 7 inch 480 x 272 px color touch screen, Yealink SIP-T48U and integrated 29 switch keys, the phone gives you a perfect overview of all the calls made, received and missed.
- Designed for intuitive call transfer, Yealink SIP-T48U is designed with Receptionists and front desk staff in mind, allowing them to conveniently manage large volumes of calls.
- Three additional Expansion Modules can be added, allowing smooth call transfer for up to 120 other contacts in your partnership.
- Enjoy crystal-clear audio through your handset or speakerphone with the built-in OPUS and HD Voice codecs, even in environments with limited Internet bandwidth.
USB connection
- Yealink SIP-T48U has two USB connections, such as USB headset or extension with additional functions. For example, using a USB storage device to record calls or connecting Bluetooth or WiFi to a wireless device is very handy if you want to listen to conversations again.
PoE connection and headset
- Yealink SIP-T48U is equipped with two Gigabit LAN connections (1000 Mbps) with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. With these connections, you can connect the device to the computer and power it at the same time. You need a PoE port for this. Also connect a headset (RJ9) with EHS support on the device so that calls can be accepted remotely when using a wireless headset.
Auto provisioning for quick installation
- If you are going to install multiple Yealink SIP-T48U devices, it will be extremely easy thanks to auto provisioning. This means you can configure all the devices in the network at once using one template. When you connect a new device, it automatically applies the settings from the template. This also ensures that companies spend less time managing and updating devices.
Easy to deploy with any IP PBX
- With extensive functionality and rich connectivity, Yealink SIP T48U is a great choice for any Receptionist. Easy, intuitive call transfer makes this stylish handset the perfect companion for any operator.
- Remote provisioning for Yealink SIP-T48U enables easy deployment, convenient support and maintenance.
- Avoid downtime and power outlet clearance when connecting Yealink SIP-T48U to a PoE-capable network switch with UPS support. – No additional power supply required!
- No need to pull extra network cables, thanks to the dual Gigabit Ethernet ports built into the phone, allowing you to connect your computer via LAN cable to the IP Phone.
The Yealink SIP-T48U IP phone ensures superb voice quality for dynamic business communication. Yealink SIP-T48U is enhanced for better interoperability and collaboration