Yealink SIP-T58V

Yealink SIP-T58V

The Yealink SIP-T58V is a simple-to-use smart media phone that provides an enriched HD audio and video calling experience for business professionals.

Mã Product: SIP-T58V

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

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Yealink SIP-T58V Video Phone has a modern design, beautiful and easy to use. The Yealink SIP-T58V IP phone is a smartphone running Android 5.1.1. An IP-based desktop phone is designed for business owners in mind

Why choose the Yealink SIP-T58V phone
The Yealink SIP-T58V is an easy-to-use smart multimedia phone that provides rich HD audio and video calling experiences for business professionals. This brand new smart multimedia phone enables visual communication that enhances productivity with the ease of a standard phone.

- Up to 16 SIP accounts

- 7inch capacitive touch screen

- Running by Android operating system 5.1.1

- Has camera 2.0 HD 720 video

- Integrated Bluetooth 4.0

Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n)

- Support USB 2.0 port

- Opus Codec Support

5-point audio / video conference

- Color-screen Expansion Module support

Yealink SIP-T58V features a seven-inch adjustable multi-touch screen, CAM50 detachable two-megapixel HD camera, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR, and it's paired with a web browser. Calendar, built-in voice recorder and more, also supports installation of third-party apps for enterprise customization

Phone features Yealink SIP-T58V
Yealink SIP-T58V IP phone helps to maximize the audio performance of phones, headphones and especially the speakerphone. And its hearing aid (HAC) compatible handset helps people with hearing loss hear voices more clearly.

HD video and enhanced voice for outstanding communication clarity

The T58V smart multimedia phone delivers crystal-immersive conversations with Optima HD voice and Yealink Noise Canceling technology that effectively eliminates non-human background noise.

- T58V supports HD video communication with Yealink's CAM50 (optional on T58A). In addition to the adjustable seven-inch touchscreen interface, the phone allows users to access lifelike video calls with ease and flexible viewing angle adjustments. Increase communication productivity by making every conversation clear, comfortable, and focused.

Operate and control easily with 1 touch touch

Yealink T58V owns 7 inch touch screen, making use and control easy and intuitive. Yealink Ship T58V offers a wide variety of customization options, such as adjustable screens and cameras, such as 3 separate screen views, drag for conference, and faster response speed for the human interface. User, allowing the user to adjust the viewing angle and size, suitable for many use cases

Provides flexibility with integrated deep IP intercom

- Customers can enjoy high ROI by making their phones a two-in-one tool for both business collaboration and monitoring and door unlocking. Flexible and intelligent, the T58V integrates with IP video intercom systems from major vendors in the market, including 2N, Baudisch and CyberData. Deliver real and cost effective ROI to customers.

- Advanced features include:

• Preview the visitor before picking up the phone;

• One-touch opening (with or without answering the phone);

• Easy monitoring by connecting via video intercom or video surveillance, an ideal setup for warehouse and logistics

Easy business customization

- Based on the Android operating system, the phone has great features that seamlessly integrate with third-party apps. Formally supported applications include BroadSoft Communicator, Skype, Skype for Business and Zoom Meeting.

Support for Yealink's SDK (Software Development Kit) allows service providers and Yealink to work together for deeper and deeper integration, and develop app features together on the phone . Help improve communication efficiency by lowering learning curve, providing more features and unifying user experience

Multiple flexible connections for user convenience

Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR, connect to bluetooth headset

Includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports with built-in PoE power and Wi-Fi connectivity

- Support 2 USB 2.0 ports

- Connect headphones directly wired, or headphones wirelessly via USB connection.

Features the Yealink SIP-T58V video phone

- A better user experience with Android OS

Rich interface for easy customization

- Audio features

• HD speaker: HD phone, HD speaker

• Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handheld device

• Audio decoders: Opus, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1C, G.711 (A / μ), G.723, G.726, G.729AB, iLBC

• DTMF: In-band, Out-of-band (RFC 2833) and SIP INFO

• Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC


- Video feature

• 720p @ 30fps HD video call

• Video decoders: H.264 High Profile, H.264, VP8

• Yealink CAM50 camera: 2 mega-pixel, plug and play,

• Adjusted

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