Yealink SmartVision 60 conference camera

Yealink SmartVision 60 - 360° conference camera, reliable, good price!

Yealink SmartVision 60 is an all-in-one, intelligent, all-in-one 360° camera for mid-sized Microsoft Teams rooms and powered by an all-new AI. The Yealink SmartVision 60 camera is ideal for small and medium meeting rooms.
- 360° . wide-angle camera
- 10k . panoramic wide-angle camera
- Up to 10 participants
- Built-in 2 Microphones
- Microphone range 6 meters
- Automatically closes the camera compartment for privacy

Mã Product: SmartVision 60

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Yealink Smartvision 60 is a Microsoft Teams Rooms certified smart camera system. None of the participants will be excluded from the images, thanks to the 360° camera. Yealink Smartvision 60, is an ideal system for small and medium sized meeting rooms.
Yealink Smartvision 60 video conferencing camera ensures outstanding quality for both video and audio components
- 360° video conferencing camera
- Coverage range up to 6 meters.
- Video quality 10K
- Hands-free meeting with Cortana
- Automatically closes the camera compartment for privacy
- Built-in participant thumbnail view
- Elegant and compact design
- Collect everything you need for video conferencing in one device
Quick and easy installation and elegant and minimalist design make Yealink Smartvision 60, a 360° video conferencing system for Microsoft Teams, attractive to any company and administration. Which country needs to equip a flexible, elegant and reliable system for the meeting room.
The Yealink Smartvision 60 camera creates an environment where both in-room and remote participants feel more engaged and interactions feel more integrated and natural with conference room audio quality. hear remote participants more clearly and naturally.
Nice and compact design
- Everything You Need for a Professional Teams Experience in a Single Device
- Full interaction with all teammates.
- An immersive way to enhance the Team Room experience.
- A smart way to a richer audio experience.
360° 10K . panoramic wide-angle camera
      There are no hidden attendees. More comprehensive meetings.
- With a 360° viewing angle and a central table view, no one in the room will be hidden from view. The all-new 10K camera delivers stunning images with more detail even in every crop. Remote attendees can now get a more holistic meeting experience even when they're not there.