Yealink UH34 headphones

Yealink UH34 headphones

Yealink UH34 headphones are one of the most attractive models for users today of Yealink. Yealink YH34 has two models, Yealink YH34 Dual and Yealink YH34 Mono, headphones designed for high quality call center conversations.

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Yealink UH34 headset is a lightweight design with many outstanding features, it is also a headset that attracts the attention of many businesses. In addition, this call center headset has high sound quality, providing a conversational experience for users and it does not make users feel uncomfortable when wearing it for a long time.

Why choose headphones Yealink UH34
Yealink UH34 are professional wired headphones with a sleek profile that eliminates high background noise, so you can focus on your work better. Switchboard headsets with broadband audio, HD voice give users richer, clearer conversations and reduce listening fatigue.

- Connect USB Type A port

- Make friends lightly

- Microphone eliminates high-pitched noise

- Leather ear cushions are easily replaceable

Yealink UH34 telesale headset is designed primarily for the office with a hooded design to help eliminate noise better and you can focus completely on your calls.

You are easily accessed through the intuitive control over the functions used.

Yealink UH34 headphone features
Outstanding HD voice quality
Combined with broadband audio technology for HD voice, Yealink UH34 gives you great audio experiences with clear and authentic conversations. Thanks to that, the headset also helps you reduce fatigue when using.

Installation is simple and easy with the Plug anh Play feature
Thanks to the plug-and-play feature, you can make or set up simple and fast installation or setup. You just need to use the RJ9 port for Yealink IP phone with RJ9 support, plug it into the RJ9 port into your laptop or use the jack straight into your smart device and you can use the device. headphones right now.

Comfortable, durable, beautiful design with intuitive gear control
With intuitive controls, you can easily control the headset with commonly used functions such as receiving incoming calls, you can adjust volume or mute the microphone. The Yealink UH34 is considered the best headset on the market with the perfect combination of exceptional comfort, durable lifecycle and excellent sound quality.

Outstanding features of Yealink UH34
Excellent headphone quality and stylish and attractive design

- The headset is made of super light material

- Leather cushion

- Leather pads are interchangeable

RJ9 / QD connection

- Better noise canceling microphone

- A more enjoyable chat experience

- HD sound quality

- Connectivity via RJ9 port

- Manage calls easily through the headset controller

- ActiveProtection technology protects the user from the harmful effects of sound

- Frequency range 112Hz-8.5kHz

- There are Answer / End calls, Mute microphone, Redial last outgoing call, Reject incoming call, Volume down,

Discounts when buying Yealink YHS34 headphones
- Yealink UH34 headphones maintain a unique position in the market with easy installation and durability, long life, excellent quality and brilliant sound. Play clear HD sound.

- Please contact us directly to buy, install and operate, as well as a free consultation about Yealink YHS34 headphones.