Yealink UH36 mono headset

Yealink UH36 mono headset

Yealink UH36 mono is a USB wired headset designed specifically for unified communications professionals, office, telesale ..., high quality sound, comfortable to wear. Yealink UH36 mono headset integrated Yealink IP phone, ensuring every conversation you have has a great experience.

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Yealink UH36 Mono headset is supported with Yealink USB Connect software and Yealink / Cloud Service device management platform, you will easily check device information and upgrade one or more UH36 Mono.
Why choose headphones Yealink UH36 Mono
Yealink UH36 Mono headphones are dedicated to customer care centers, counselors, and operators. Yealink UH36 Mono headphones have better sound quality, lightweight, comfortable design that can be worn for a long time. In addition, it is also compatible with Yealink VoIP phones, ensuring seamless conversation
Plug-and-play mono headset
- The headset is suitable for many environments and many types of devices
- Connect USB and 3.5mm jack to PC and smart device
- Integrated integrated LED indicator and audible warning
The boom arm can be bent 330 ° for easy adjustment without breaking
- Easily manage your calls through the inline call control

Yealink UH36 Mono headphones are plug-and-play headphones for centralized communication in the office and on the go. The UH36 mono is a wired USB headset with HD stereo - for both calls and media. Wideband microphone drastically reduces distractions while preserving rich natural voice quality - eliminating passive noise. The lightweight design sits comfortably on the ear with soft leather cushions - all day comfort. Yealink Dynamic EQ automatically optimizes the sound levels.
Yealink UH36 Mono headset features
Telesale UH36 Mono headset includes the YHC20 inline call controller - easy to use. The 4 ft cord from the headphones ends with a 3.5mm jack - use the Yealink UH36 Mono with a smartphone or tablet. Plug the 3.5mm jack into the YHC20 call controller. The YHC20 has a 3 ft cord with a USB-A (standard USB) connector for connecting the headset to a computer or IP phone. When used with a compatible Yealink IP phone, the UH36 Mono Telesale Headset supports advanced features, including audio optimization, volume synchronization, and multi-call control.
Intensive use headset, ideal for use in Call Centers and Offices
Yealink UH36 Mono is a USB headset specially designed for all employees working in Unified Communications (UC), office and call center. It offers high quality sound and exceptional comfort.
Support highly efficient business operations for your business
- Yealink UH36 Mono headphones are ideal for office workers, switchboards or call centers working in crowded offices, with high quality sound, especially comfortable to wear. Proven integration by VOIP Yealink phone and device management platform ensures all your chats are a great experience.
Easy to use and flexible connection
- Yealink UH36 mono is designed for Unified Communication (softphone app) and comes with USB and jack 3.5 connectivity options, to connect to all your devices: PC / Mac, smartphone smart phones, tablets and IP phones. The headset has easy plug & play setup and an inline cable set that lets you easily manage your calls. You can take calls, adjust the volume and mute the microphone.

Compatibility with many devices, easy to manage
- This callcenter headset is suitable for all Yealink IP phones. Optimized sound quality and improved conversation quality. In addition, you can easily manage the headphones through Yealink's device management software on IP.
Excellent audio performance
Dynamic Yealink equalizer and wide HD audio technology make every conversation more professional and clear. Passive noise canceling and a noise-canceling microphone remove anything that might interfere with your conversation.
Freely work in time
Thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design, the UH36 mono lets you enjoy long conference calls and all-day use without problems.