Yealink UH37 Mono Headphones

Yealink UH37 Mono Headphones

Yealink UH37 Mono is a premium USB wired headset that delivers outstanding sound quality. Yealink UH37 Mono headset with 35mm speaker and microphone noise reduction technology ensures clearer conversations
- USB plug-and-play connection to Yealink IP phones
- HD broadband/phone speaker performance
- Speaker 35mm
- Noise canceling microphone
- Built-in LED light and alarm sound
- The crane can be bent 300°
- Easy call control via headset
- UC compatible and certified for Microsoft Teams

Mã Product: UH37 Mono

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

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Yealink UH37 Mono is a premium USB wired headset that delivers outstanding sound quality. The Yealink UH37 Mono headset features a 35mm speaker that produces impressive stereo sound for an enhanced audio experience during calls and music playback.
The Yealink UH37 Mono call Center headset with dual-microphone noise reduction technology ensures clearer conversations, while the oval-shaped ear cushions made of noise-isolating foam provide excellent passive noise cancellation.
- Single-ear USB-A/C headset (1.2m cable)
- Suitable for PC and Laptop
- Certified for Microsoft Teams
- With microphone arm that can be rotated 300°
- Wideband HD audio technology and Acoustic Shield
- The sound automatically switches to music or talk mode
- Comfortable and ergonomic design
- With 35mm speaker and memory foam ear cushions
- Busylight on earcups
The modern Yealink UH37 Mono with its elegant look and innovative shape make for a very comfortable headset.
The Yealink UH37 Mono headphones are designed and comfortable, with an easy-to-use leather headband and earpads for all-day comfort. No matter where you are working in the office or at home.. Yealink UH37 Mono allows you to focus on your work and increase your productivity.
Discover Yealink UH37 USB Mono
The Yealink UH37 USB Mono is a wired headset designed with the purpose of being productive in call centers. Mono so you can focus on your conversation as well as on what's around you. Ultra-lightweight UH37 Mono phone headset for long-term comfort. Plug&Play in USB-A, connect your headphones in 1 second and it works. No need to configure waste your time!
- Equipped with an adjustable microphone boom, so you can raise your microphone boom when you're not talking, the microphone will be muted. During a call, all you have to do is fold the arm down to answer the call. In addition, Yealink UH37 Mono USB's microphone is designed to suppress background noise. This way your chat partners don't have to deal with a lot of echoes and background noise.
- Other features are also present on the Yealink USB headset. You can actually also adjust the volume, there's a busy light when you're on a call... Yealink UH37 Mono USB headset for Microsoft Teams and
- Yealink UH37 Mono is a USB headset for communication via Microsoft Teams. Connect the Yealink UH37 Mono monophonic call center headset to your laptop or PC via USB cable so your colleagues, customers and business partners can communicate directly with you. The lightweight headphones are comfortable to wear, with a soft headband and memory foam ear cushions. Quick operation is possible through the buttons on the earcups. Answer, end, mute, reject or put a call on hold. You can also easily change the volume with a few taps.
Noise cancellation for perfect clarity
- Everything you say is perfectly picked up by the two noise-cancelling microphones at the end of the boom. Noise cancellation, along with Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, ensures that noise is deflected and the microphone picks up voice sounds excellently. This way, you can also hear clearly in noisy environments. The microphone arm can be rotated 300° so you can wear it on the left or right side as you like. You can also turn on the microphone when not on a call. If you fold up the boom microphone during a chat, you will immediately activate the mute function.
Show availability with light
- Not bothered when calling? Now you can make calls and work unimpeded with Yealink UH37 Mono, as the headset is equipped with a busy light on the earcups. The light turns on automatically when you're on a call or meeting, but you can also set it up manually to avoid distractions and increase productivity. Others know when the red light is temporarily unable to interrupt you.
For calls and music
- The sound quality of Yealink UH37 Mono is always excellent. Whether you use headphones to chat with colleagues and customers or listen to music between companies. With a 35mm speaker, the headset supports a dynamic equalizer, which switches between call mode with clear and natural sound and music mode with detailed sound. The design of the ear cushions and memory foam isolates from ambient noise, to create the best listening experience through passive noise reduction.
Yealink UH37 Mono Headphones Perfect for active, on-the-go workers and help improve productivity by allowing you to focus on your work.