Yealink UH37 Series

Yealink UH37 Series

Yealink UH37 Series modern new design wired headphones with elegant look and improved shape, good quality sound perfect for the job. The Yealink UH37 headset delivers a vivid and consistent voice experience to users while working.
- USB connection and 3.5mm Jack with Yealink phone and PC
- Noise canceling microphone
- High quality HD sound
- Built-in LED light and warning signal
- Sound control panel when connected via USB
- Flexibility to rotate the stand 330°

Mã Product: UH37

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Discover the perfect balance of focus, communication and comfort with the Yealink UH37 USB Wired Headphones. The modern Yealink UH37 with its elegant look and innovative shape make for a very comfortable headset.
What is the main reason for you to choose Yealink UH37?
Yealink UH37 Series Ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable wired earphones make sure your every conversation has a great experience. Yealink UH37 Series has 2 types Yealink UH37 Mono and Yealink UH37 Dual
- USB connection and 3.5mm jack with Yealink IP phone
- Wideband HD Voice/Wideband audio technology
- speaker size 35 mm
- Noise canceling microphone and passive noise cancellation
- Built-in LED busy indicator and alarm sound
- 300° bendable microphone arm for easy adjustment without breaking
Yealink UH37 Series USB Wired Headset Drives Your High Efficiency Business
Whether working remotely in the office or at home, the UH37 allows you to focus on your work and improve your productivity. It works seamlessly with major UC platforms and integrates seamlessly with Yealink IP phones.
Features of Yealink UH37 . USB headset
- Dual denoising microphones for smooth communication
    + Dual noise canceling microphones and Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, the UH37 intelligently blocks noise and picks up only the speaker's voice and is not distracted by background noise.
    + Hear the outstanding noise reduction performance of UH37 even in a crowded workplace, Yealink UH37 can reduce noise significantly, which improves clarity and excellent call quality, UH37 offers a great experience top notch calling and enjoy pleasant communication.
- Unprecedented, high-class Audio performance
    The UH37 headset features 35mm speakers, superb stereo sound and dynamic EQ*, for clear sound in call mode, high fidelity in music mode. You don't miss any details, stay focused on tasks and explode with new ideas whether you're in a meeting or listening to music while working.
- Light weight, ergonomic design, enhanced comfort
    The ultra-light Yealink UH37 is about 15% lighter than the previous generation, comfortable enough for extended conference calls. From the super soft, sturdy leather-wrapped headband to the professional memory foam ear cushions, Yealink has adopted a more ergonomic design that doesn't put pressure on the ear even when wearing it all day.
- Built-in LED indicator for less interruptions
    + When you are on a call or in a meeting, Yealink UH37's busy light will automatically light up in red or you can manually turn it on to indicate directly. Eliminate outside distractions and enhance your productivity whenever you want.
- User-friendly
    The UH37 enables muting in two ways that improve call clarity and quality: by picking up the Mic-boom or pressing the mute button. The 300° rotating microphone boom allows for left or right ear wear. Convenient and flexible design at your fingertips, making your communication more comfortable and easier in daily use
Yealink UH37 headphones ensure high fidelity and best audio experience and offer more flexibility for daily communication..