Yealink UH38 Dual Headphones

Yealink UH38 Dual Headphones

Yealink UH38 Dual delivers outstanding audio clarity to users by using a built-in noise-cancelling microphone. Yealink UH38 Dual Headphones greatly reduce any background noise so you can enjoy clear sound
- Wireless range: up to 33 ft
Speaker size: 35 mm
- Talk time: up to 9 hours
- Music time: up to 14 hours
- Dual noise-cancelling microphones
- Built-in Bluetooth 5.1

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Yealink UH38 DUAL headset is the ideal solution for those who spend time working and playing, must connect to PC, laptop, desk phone (with USB or Bluetooth) and smartphone. Yealink UH38 Dual is great for music, audio and video conferencing use.
If you are an active user, then Yealink UH38 Dual is worth your investment
Yealink UH38 is the ideal headset for users who connect multiple devices while working in the office and at home while working remotely.
- Wired binaural headset
- The handle can be rotated 320°
Speaker size: 35 mm
- Talk time: up to 9 hours (up to 7 hours with busy light on)
- Music time: 14 hours
- Optional connectivity: USB-C, 3.5 mm jack
- Built-in LED indicator and buzzer
ActiveProtection technology protects users from ear injury
Yealink UH38 Dual high-end USB standard headphones with good noise cancellation technology give you a wonderful music and sound quality experience.
The Yealink UH38 Dual callcenter headset supports dual USB and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to manage two calling devices simultaneously for enhanced call handling efficiency and all-day comfort.
The UH38 Dual phone headset is made with a strong design using high-quality plastic reinforced by a metal frame. Skin-friendly material with soft memory foam, combined with a snug-fit design, provides all-day comfort.