Yealink UVC30 Desktop Webcam 4K

Yealink UVC30 Desktop Webcam 4K

Yealink UVC30 Desktop Webcam has 4K HD resolution, digital zoom 3c = x and it supports Windows Hello feature to enhance login security. Yealink UVC30 Webcam conference device provides sharp images and colors for live video meetings.

Mã Product: UVC30-Desktop

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Yealink Webcam Desktop UVC30 for you and your colleagues to see perfect. Thanks to the sharp 4K Ultra HD resolution, as if you were having a live conversation. Yealink UVC30 Desktop conference device with flexible clip can be attached in many ways.
- Yealink UVC30 is a personal USB EPTZ webcam with sharp 4K UHD resolution and HD voice quality provided by the built-in microphone. Yealink UVC30 is designed to attach to a monitor or laptop for face-to-face meetings and provides a 120-degree viewing angle with Auto-framing accuracy. UVC30 desktops are capable of Windows Hello feature to enhance your PC login security. Based on the standard UVC protocol, UVC30 Desktop can work with most UC platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, Zoom, etc.
- Camera with infrared resolution and 4K Ultra HD (30 frames / sec)
- Also supports Full HD (1080p, 60fps) and HD (720p, 60fps)
- Integrated microphone (150 ° recording) with HD Voice quality
- Fixed horizontal viewing angle: 120 °, 3x digital zoom
- Shoot from 0.5 to 5 meters away
- Certified by Microsoft for Windows Hello, among others
- Works with UC platforms, including Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
- Flexible to mount (above or below the screen or on the wall)