Yealink UVC40-BYOD Conference Kit

Yealink UVC40-BYOD Conference Kit

Yealink UVC40-BYOD Meeting Kit for small and cluttered rooms, ensuring a great audio and visual experience at a lower cost. Yealink UVC40-BYOD Conference Kit delivers outstanding voice and video quality
- 20MP camera with SONY 1-inch CMOS
- 133° . field of view
- 8x . e-PTZ camera
- Electric lens cap
- Camera presets

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The Yealink UVC40-BYOD Conference Kit comes equipped with everything you need to enjoy the full conference room experience just by plugging it into your laptop. Meeting Kit Yealink UVC40-BYOD users can enjoy easy plug-and-play setup, excellent 4K video and room-filling audio while it's an efficient solution for work.
Do you also want a premium meeting experience?
Yealink UVC40-BYOD is an all-in-one smart meeting toolkit for simple, smart and cost-effective conferencing in small meeting rooms and meeting rooms.
What's in Yealink UVC40-BYOD
- All-in-one USB plug-and-play video conferencing solution
- 8x AI-powered e-PTZ camera 20 MP
- Conference Webcam UVC40 4K Ultra HD
- 8 MEMS Microphone Arrays and Speaker Tracking
- Innovative electric lens cap and wide-angle lens
- Auto-frame with AI Face Enhancement
- 133 degree viewing angle
Yealink UVC40 with Yealink BYOD Box gives you up to 4K Ultra HD video in one integrated device — all in one camera, speaker bar and microphone.
The Yealink UVC40-BYOD conference unit features a 4K Ultra HD camera, high-quality microphone and speakers powered by AI technology, all integrated into a single device to create an audio meeting endpoint- Video is elegantly streamlined, combining a very compact design with rich camera performance.
Yealink UVC40-BYOD this meeting toolkit is not only plug-and-play, but also allows you to host various types of UC meetings, including Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, and more. by optimizing the user experience through a single connection.
Easy to deploy, one step to start meeting
- To deploy the UVC40-BYOD meeting unit, you only need to connect the UVC40 Camera to the BYOD box. With the plug & play setup you can easily plug the USB Type C cable into your laptop without installing additional drivers, so you can save time on your other ideas.
Super wide-angle lens covers small rooms
Designed for small meeting spaces, the UVC40 features auto-framing and a 133° ultra-wide-angle, framing lens that identifies all meeting participants. Thanks to the 20MP/.4K camera, all participants can enjoy a lifelike meeting experience.
Everyone hears clearly
- 8 MEMS built-in microphone array gives UVC40 stronger noise cancellation and echo cancellation. Newly upgraded beamforming algorithm for outstanding call quality, along with noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation and echo cancellation processing technology for full duplex calls and the ability to more accurate voice recognition.
Privacy and Safety
- The camera's electric lens cover with AI features can automatically open when the video conference starts for face recognition, audio positioning, speaker tracking and remains closed when there is no video conference, ensuring protect your privacy.
Plug and Play design, simple deployment
- Integrate audio, video and HDMI outputs into the same Type-C cable. Whoever walks into the room, simply connects a cable to your laptop without installing additional drivers. Simplify deployment, simply connect a UVC40 BYOD video device, audio, and TV monitor to the BYOD box, reducing your deployment time.
Outstanding features of Yealink UVC BYOD Conference Equipment
This all-in-one USB video stick features a 20MP camera with SONY 1-inch CMOS sensor and 133-degree super-wide viewing angle
- Use smart video conferencing with AI Technology: UVC40 includes auto-framing and speaker tracking with auto-zoom without camera adjustments.
- 8 MEMS microphone arrays allow for precise sound positioning and Full Duplex experience, while dealing with acoustic echo cancellation and echo cancellation
- Built-in WiFi allows remote device management, configuration and upgrade
- Compact design to minimize cable clutter and quick deployment
- Uses standard UVC technology and is compatible with most video conferencing platforms
The Yealink UVC40 BYOD Conference Kit is really what you need, not only for easy connectivity and compatibility, but also for ensuring the best audio and video experience, making meetings more natural and improving accessibility. collaboration ability