Yealink UVC84-BYOD Conference Equipment Kit

Yealink UVC84-BYOD Conference Equipment Kit

Yealink UVC84-BYOD gets excellent audio and video coverage for your large meeting room. UVC84-BYOD Video Conferencing Kit with autofocus and multiple mounting options.
• 4K video at 30fps
• 12x optical zoom, 3x digital zoom, clear video image display
• Pan, tilt and mechanical zoom
• Auto Frameing feature, smarter meeting experience
• Smooth PTZ control with remote control or Yealink camera control plug-in
• Great sound experience
• Long-lasting durability with the BYOD box
• Ease of deployment

Mã Product: UVC84-BYOD

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Great when you choose Yealink UVC84-BYOD Meeting kit to freely connect to any UC platform for a great audio and video experience at a lower cost. The combination of the 4K UHD camera and the new ID design brings the best and secure video experience to your meetings.
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The Yealink UVC84-BYOD conferencing equipment is compact, durable, and delivers superb audio, video communication, true collaboration, and realism in a luwak ideal choice for medium to large meeting rooms that always ensure durability for long term meetings. Yealink UVC84-BYOD bring your own device equipped with everything you need to enjoy the full conference room experience using the computing device of your choice.
- Video conferencing solution for use with PC
- 4K PTZ camera with 80° viewing angle
- 12x . Zoom
- Set of 3 built-in microphones
Microphone with 360° range up to 6m
- Optimized HD sound technology and noise cancellation
- Stereo soundbar with noise cancellation
- Certified and optimized for Microsoft Teams
Yealink UVC84-BYOD combines with a 4K UHD camera that reproduces the smallest details in a meeting room, perfectly suited for medium-sized rooms, providing the best, safe and high definition video experience for the ideal meeting. Featuring 12x optical lossless zoom and 3x digital zoom, the UVC84 reproduces every minute detail in a meeting room, perfectly suited for medium sized rooms. The Yealink UVC84-BYOD Conference Kit has an 80° rotatable field of view, with the ability to mechanically tilt easily with the remote control or Yealink camera control plug-in software. Combined with the MSpeech USB speakerphone, it delivers the best audio and video experience for all participants.
The Yealink UVC84-BYOD Conference Equipment offers an exceptional option for a professional video conferencing experience. The UVC84-BYOD kit designed for large meeting rooms uses auto-framing technology that your team will see.