Yealink UVC84 Camera

Yealink UVC84 Camera

Yealink UVC84 is a PTZ camera with 4k UHD video resolution, plus 12x optical zoom, 3x digital zoom, and big with perfect display in everyone and every detail

Mã Product: UVC84

Bảo hành: 24 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

26,800,000đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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The Yealink UVC84 is a USB-connected 4K UHD PTZ camera for your medium to large rooms perfect for your video conferencing to help you collaborate in exceptional quality. The Yealink UVC84 video conferencing camera with its UHD 4K resolution ensures you always get those special meetings with high image quality.

Why do you choose Yealink UVC84 Video Conferencing Camera for your meeting room?
Yealink UVC84 supports many installation options, it is designed in a new style and has many installation options such as: on meeting room table, on TV head, corner, on wall, TV stand... UVC84 Flexible for any professional meeting space according to your installation needs. Easy to set up with a USB jack, the UVC84 is perfect for your meetings from the first moment you start
- 4K PTZ camera with USB connection for your PC
- 4K UHD high definition video for your conference
- 80° . field of view
- 12x optical zoom + 3x digital zoom clear video images
- Rotation: ±100°, Tilt: +40°, -90°
- 2x VCM34s . expansion microphone
- 20' voice pickup range in all directions
The Yealink UVC84 camera allows automatic framing of all participants present at the meeting, keeping your hands free and focused on the meeting itself. Meanwhile, with the Yealink camera controller plug-in and supported camera presets, panning, tilting, and mechanical recording can be easily done in one step. Enhanced with 12x optical zoom, the UVC84 supports 4K video calls that do the job to clearly capture everyone in the meeting room.
The Yealink UVC84 conference device also provides a great audio experience. Premium HD Audio and Video quality contributes to easier online communication for all participants in medium or large meeting rooms.
The Yealink UVC84 Webcam with ID design offers the best video experience ever and reproduces every minute detail in a meeting room, perfect for medium to large rooms. Furthermore, the UVC84 has a wide field of view with 80°, with ±100° pan, +40° mechanical tilt that can be easily accomplished by remote control or plug-in software to control Yealink cameras. . Yealink UVC84 delivers professional USB video conferencing that delivers outstanding performance and detail and is ideal for any professional meeting space.