Yealink VC Desktop

Yealink VC Desktop - HD Video Collaboration Software, Quality, Good Price!

Yealink VC Desktop is Yealink's latest innovative HD video collaboration software for desktop. Yealink VC Desktop is designed to provide users with easy-to-use, high-quality and cost-effective software.
• HD video/audio
• Share Full HD videos and content
• Supports H.323/SIP dual protocol
• High profile H.264, save 50% bandwidth
• Excellent network adaptability
• Yealink intelligent firewall transmission
• One Click Setup & Ease of Use

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Yealink VC Desktop high-quality high-definition (HD) video collaboration streamlines communication for today's businesses. Yealink VC Desktop video conferencing supports Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 as well as Windows® 10 with wide compatibility. With outstanding bandwidth adaptability as well as 30% and 50% resistance to audio packet loss, Yealink VC Desktop is an ideal choice for first-class video conferencing and collaboration.
Video collaboration the way you want with Yealink VC Desktop
With Yealink VC Desktop video conferencing no matter where you are, once you're connected to the network, you can set up HD video conferencing with ease.
• Share 720P + 1080P video content
• HD video/audio
• Share Full HD content
• Dual protocol support 1 H.323 account / 1 SIP account
• High profile H.264, save 50% bandwidth
• Bandwidth Adaptability
• Yealink Traversal Smart Firewall
• One Click Setup & Ease of Use
Yealink's VC Desktop software for Microsoft Windows lets you stream 720p HD video and 1080p content for seamless collaboration in the office and with customers. Yealink prides itself on developing interoperable products and VC Desktop is no different, supporting H.323 and SIP.
The software is very easy to install: one click is all you need. Smart firewalling technology means you won't have any trouble connecting to points outside of your network, while keeping your chats safe.
Yealink VC Desktop software package allows you to conduct high quality video conferencing, suitable for any quality of communication - at work, at home and while traveling around the country. The installation process of the program is standard and will not cause difficulties even for new users.
The Yealink VC Destop conferencing device supports excellent bandwidth adaptability and 8% packet loss resistance, giving you an excellent conference experience.