Yealink VC210 Teams Edition

Yealink VC210 Teams Edition

Yealink VC210 Teams Edition Microsoft Teams video conferencing device brings lifelike video conferencing in any team room. The Yealink VC210 Video Conferencing Device integrates the Yealink CP900 speakerphone to bring the best out of quality video conferencing participants.
• 3x digital zoom with 120° . super wide FOV
• Ultra HD 4K . Camera
• Auto framing
• Built-in Bluetooth and Wifi
• Compact design for quick launch
• Android 9.0 . operating system

Mã Product: VC210

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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The Yealink VC210 small meeting room video taskbar has built-in Microsoft Teams and works with the CP900 speakerphone for a premium audio and video experience in a small space.
Why does Yealink VC210 Teams Edition always ensure video audio quality for users?
Camera VC210 is integrated with 7 features to make meetings more collaborative and communicative. The Yealink VC210 video conferencing device is compact, lightweight, takes up less space and minimizes cable clutter by featuring multiple mounting options and plug-and-play capabilities.
• All-in-one design
• Android 9.0 . operating system
• Control by touch or remote
• 4K Full HD (1920x1080) camera, 3x e-PTZ Zoom and 120° . wide-angle lens
• Auto framing
• Dedicated HD Audio
• Built-in Bluetooth
• Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi
• Share content
• White board
The Yealink VC210 conferencing device gives small spaces hosting Teams a great video conferencing experience through the use of 4K cameras, 6 beamforming microphone arrays, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. suitable for increased flexibility. The VC210 runs on Android operating system and has a lightweight design that can be mounted on a wall, on a screen or on any flat surface.

Yealink VC210 easily manage your meetings with Yealink remote controller. All you have to do beforehand is connect your monitor or LCD touch screen with the included cable and you're ready to go!
Yealink VC210 Ultra HD 4K camera includes one CP900 speakerphone, you will enjoy full duplex speakerphone experience with HD voice at both ends. Yealink's echo cancellation and Noise Canceling technology will ensure that all your conversations are as natural and vibrant as possible.
Yealink VC210 has a built-in camera that works at Ultra HD 4K resolution, with 120° field of view and meeting auto-framing function, ensuring the best viewing angle for all participants. Fully compatible with Yealink's CP900 USB Speaker along with 360° omnidirectional stereo sound and pickup, the VC210 delivers a superb audio experience and is suitable for small rooms and ensures everyone can hear. as well as see.