Yealink VCM38 Ceiling Microphone

Yealink VCM38 Ceiling Microphone

VCM38 Ceiling Microphone provides a Clear and Smooth Audio Experience, with 360-degree voice pickup from 8 built-in microphones. Yealink VCM38 delivers outstanding sound quality using Optima HD and Yealink Noise Canceling Technology.

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The Yealink VCM38 is an HD microphone array for enterprise-grade installation audio for group calls and video conferencing - professional sound quality. The VCM38 uses an 8-microphone array for exceptional voice reproduction - Optima HD and Noise Canceling technology. Designed for ceiling mounting, the VCM38 captures voice at 360° with 40 square meters of coverage from a single device. Up to 8 VCM38 devices can be used in one system - covering extra-large conference rooms.
Why do you choose Yealink VCM38 Microphone Speaker for your online meeting room?
Yealink VCM38 microphone experience clearer and smoother sound. The Yealink VCM38 conference speaker is a professionally installed audio solution that covers large spaces.
• Built-in 8 microphone arrays
    - Speaker frequency response: 100Hz ~ 16KHz
    - Sensitivity: -45dB ± 1dB @ 1KHz (0dB = 1V/Pa)
    - Signal to noise ratio: 60dBA @ 1KHz
    - Maximum audio frequency: 100dB SPL @ 1KHz, THD <1%
• 360 degree voice recognition
• Voice Optima HD
• Two-color LED indicator
• Up to 8 units can be used in one system
The Yealink VCM38 Ceiling Microphone combines Yealink Noise Cancellation Technology and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) to deliver crystal clear sound. The new advanced microphone boasts 360° audio pickup and uses beamforming technology to automatically locate and optimize voice pickup for speakers. A single VCM38 unit can cover 40 square meters, even for oversized meeting rooms using up to eight devices in one system. Designed for easy and simple deployment, the Yealink VCM38 Ceiling Microphone Array supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). It can be installed directly on the ceiling or by a telescopic rod which can be adjusted between 30~60cm to keep the room table clean and can fit more meeting room scene