As a Microsoft communications partner, Yealink provides a full portfolio video and audio device solution for Microsoft Teams that allows different professionals to work the way they love in the boardroom, in the office and on the go as well as working remotely. With Yealink solutions, users can enjoy premium audio and video experiences, easy deployment and remote management, all of which deliver a consistent and seamless Teams experience to any space.
Yealink video conferencing solution brings meeting video and audio experience with full HD quality at a different screen than MVC, ZVC: MVC400, MVC500 II, MVC800 II, MVC900 II video conferencing devices , A20, VC210, VP59,ZVC300, ZVC400, ZVC860, ZVC640, ZVC840.. Video conferencing equipment is a technology favored by many businesses as a solution for their meeting room in the past year.

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Solution Yealink MeetingBar

Enhance your collaboration experience in small to mid-sized rooms with Yealink MeetingBar! Find out why MeetingBar A20 and A30 are the perfect choice for those who love novelty, especially for SME customers. Get started with a simple, smart, and sustainable Yealink MeetingBar video conferencing solution for the modern workplace, enhancing business collaboration

Conference Solution Yealink Zoom Room

Video Solutions for Any Meeting Space Yealink's Zoom partners with Zoom to provide you with the best video solution that integrates with pre-installed Zoom Rooms software. Many options are available for different meeting needs.

Yealink audio and video solutions for large rooms

The Yealink audio and video appliance is designed for an engaging and flexible Microsoft Teams room experience. Yealink believes that every person and every organization can embrace the power of "Easy, High-Productivity Collaboration" and knows the importance of having a partner who can deliver innovative solutions that meet Your Needs. Yealink video audio solutions for large meeting rooms can help you create an exceptional video conferencing experience

Yealink Android Conference Solution

Unified communications (UC) devices allow individuals and groups to communicate in multiple ways over large distances. Users can enjoy a rich communication experience using Yealink's display, camera, microphone, speaker, and collaboration platform.