Yealink VP59 phone

Yealink VP59 phone

The Yealink VP59 smart video IP phone is a professional phone that enhances collaboration in any executive office or team room. With advanced HD Video and audio, the Yealink VP59 is the perfect device for video meetings and enhancing team productivity and performance.

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The Yealink VP59 IP phone turns into a cordless phone and gives you a total of 4 DECT handsets to meet your daily needs. Furthermore, the VP59 smart video phone boasts Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.

Why choose Yealink VP59 phone
The Yealink VP59 video phone is designed for executives and teleworkers to achieve the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication, enabling high-quality communications for executives. business and professionals. The Yealink VP59 has an eight-inch LCD touchscreen that gives you a smartphone-like user experience, and it also supports the installation of third-party apps for business customization as well as other features.

• Smart video phones work remotely

• 1080p HD enterprise video

• 27 touch memory keys, 16 SIP accounts

• Supports call recording and wireless USB headset

The Yealink VP59 provides everything a busy executive could want from a phone. The VP59 Video IP phone is impressive, it's simple and easy to use. It provides high quality communication whether using phone, bluetooth or USB headset or built-in speakerphone. The Yealink VP59 features a large, high-resolution adjustable color display. Combined with the phone's Android-based operating system, it delivers a smartphone-like user experience, flexible and customizable.

Yealink VP59 phone features
The VOIP VP59 phone functions as a five-party conference phone. Yealink's noise canceling technology eliminates efficiency for clearer, more efficient conference calls.

Audio and Video HD

- VP59 is the latest version with Yealink Optimal HD Voice technology and also Noise Proof technology, Acoustic Shield effectively eliminates background noises and distractions, while delivering clear voice even in the environment. noisy. It always complies with the latest hearing aid (HAC) compatibility, its HAC-handheld device to help people with hearing impairment can hear voices more clearly. The solution also boasts a dynamic, detachable 1080P HD camera for face-to-face interaction in real time.

Collaborate easily

VP59 not only gives you built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band Wi-Fi, but also HDMI output and the ability to work with Yealink VC Desktop, you can share content from your laptop. . Also, if you want to broaden your horizons for busy environments or share a phone system with your small group by adding more handsets, simply turn your VP59 into a phone. wire adopts DECT technology. Furthermore, administrators can easily install third-party Android apps, such as Skype, SFB, to improve collaboration and productivity. It also offers local HD call recording and the ability to take screenshots on a USB flash drive.

Works effectively

The touch screen of Yealink VP59 supports multi-point, making it easy to use. And it combines an easy and user-centric interactive design, it can greatly reduce the difficulty of using a video phone and improve the meeting experience. Everyone can quickly join and control meetings easily with VP59.

Maximum productivity

Yealink VP59 offers the ability to record HD calls locally on their USB flash drive. In addition, the detachable camera and external second screen solution further enhance their viewing experience. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you experience the convenience of wireless networking. Yealink VP59 can also support wireless content sharing when combined with WPP20, users can click the button and start sharing content instantly without any additional software or apps.

Integrating the highest level of interoperability and security

Yealink VP59 addresses the need for enhanced digital security by using SIP over Transport Layer Security (TLS / SSL), significantly enhancing data protection. Not only secure but also versatile, the VP59 supports a wide range of interoperability with leading video conferencing and IPPBX / UC systems on the market, as well as with several softswitch vendors. other

Compatibility and integration

- Yealink VP59 phone supports dual standard protocol H.323 / SIP. It not only integrates with Yealink meeting server (YMS), but also supports meeting scheduling and meeting access, but also works on the fast-deployed Yealink Cloud management service. Besides, it supports 3rd party integration with Cloud PBX platforms.