Yealink W70B DECT IP Base Station

Yealink W70B DECT IP Base Station

Yealink W70B DECT IP Wireless Base Station lets you enjoy great mobility and effective versatility right out of the box. Yealink W70B DECT High Performance IP Base Station for Small and Medium Enterprises pairs with a total of 10 Yealink W73H/W56H/W59R/CP930W...
• Up to 20 concurrent calls
• Up to 10 DECT . wireless handsets
• Up to 10 SIP accounts
• Opus . audio codec support
• Noise reduction system
• Secure encryption TLS and SRTP
• No cognitive enhancement

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Yealink W70B is a DECT IP base station that offers outstanding audio quality and is widely compatible with a wide variety of IP base systems — a flexible solution suitable for small and medium businesses. The Yealink W70B is the ideal IP DECT base station for businesses looking for a high-performance DECT solution. yealink W70B features zero-touch provisioning for quick and efficient deployment.
The Yealink W70B DECT IP Transmitter provides a compact DECT IP base station that can link up to 6 RT30 repeaters per base station. Enables seamless handover of high-quality voice calls
- Supports up to 10 Yealink handsets
- Supports 10 SIP/VoIP accounts
- Supports a wide range of DECT . handsets
- Noise reduction system
- Opus . audio codec support
- Secure encryption TLS and SRTP
- Range: up to   50m(164 ft) indoors and up to 300m(984 ft)
- Supports up to 6 repeaters per base station
- Compatible with W73H, W76H, W59R, CP935W, T54W+DD10K
The Yealink W70B base station is a high performance base station. W70B supports W73H terminals and can be perfectly compatible with W53H, W56H, W59R, CP930W and color screen DDPhone (T54W+DD10K). Yealink W70B offers its noise reduction system which ensures crystal clear sound and excellent portability, versatility as well as significantly eliminating the hassle and additional cost of wiring compared to audio codecs. broadband or other narrowband.
Yealink W70B - Powerful IP Phone DECT Base Station
- The Yealink W70B IP DECT Base Station incorporates up to 10 Yealink DECT handsets, the Yealink W70B allows you to immediately enjoy exceptional mobility and efficient flexibility, while significantly eliminating the wiring and additional loads. Yealink W70B IP DECT Base Station not only supports 10 SIP accounts/handset and up to 20 concurrent calls, but also supports increased startup speed and excellent connectivity and extended range up to 50m(164 ft) indoors and up to 300m(984 ft) under ideal conditions, signal connectivity, while significantly reducing downtime.
Ideal for users who need to be on the go
Designed to improve team productivity during everyday communications, Yealink W70B is a small but powerful product with enhanced components to ensure greater reliability and scalability. Ideal for professionals on the go, it allows employees in the warehousing, catering, retail or factory sectors to communicate easily.
Full HD and professional sound quality
Designed in a modern and elegant style, this compact IP DECT base station will effectively enhance your workspace. The unit can also be mounted on the wall to save additional space. Thanks to the support of the Opus codec, the Yealink W70B delivers outstanding, professional sound quality that outperforms other wideband or narrowband audio codecs in both high bandwidth and poor network conditions.
The compact Yealink W70B DECT IP transmitter station has a modern and elegant design, hiding cables to keep the desk neat and tidy.