Yealink W76P cordless phone

Yealink W76P cordless phone

The Yealink W76P phone supports up to 10 handsets, 10 SIP accounts and 20 continuous calls and has a wireless range of up to 164 ft indoors or up to 984 ft. The Yealink W76P cordless phone connects to a 3.5mm headset or uses a full-duplex speakerphone - hands-free communication.

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Yealink W76P combines the W56H DECT handheld and W70B base station for superb sound quality and wireless communication experience, making it the ideal solution for diverse small to mid-sized businesses.

What makes you choose Dect Yealink W76P phone?
Yealink W76P is a new generation cordless IP phone with many advanced functions. The Yealink W76P phone provides an exceptional cordless phone experience for small and medium businesses and similar environments.
- High performance SIP cordless DECT phone
- 2.4" 240 x 320 color display with intuitive user interface
- Supports up to 20 concurrent calls
- Up to 10 DECT . wireless handsets
- Up to 10 VoIP accounts
- Opus . audio codec support
- Up to 30 hours talk time (under ideal conditions)
- 400 hours standby time
- Fast charging: 10 minutes of charging time for 2 hours of talk time
- Secure encryption TLS and SRTP
- Noise reduction system
- Connect headphones via 3.5 mm . jack
- Wall mountable charger
The Yealink W76P IP phone has a large color display - easy to use. It gives you a wireless range of up to 164 ft indoors or an incredible 984 ft outdoors using the secure DECT protocol - no worries about wandering. Yealink W67P connect 3.5mm headphones or use full duplex speakerphone - hands-free communication.

The Yealink W76P DECT phone system is ideal for small and medium businesses
• Scalable solution with outstanding performance
• A wireless communication experience optimized for working on mobile devices
• Ease of deployment and efficient management
• Seamless compatibility with Yealink's full range DECT endpoints
Experience optimized for your on-the-go calls
With professional handhelds, sophisticated audio technology, as well as advanced computing capabilities, the W76P provides users with stable signal and network performance, exceptional sound clarity, and fast response. and improved adaptability to complex environments.
- In addition, W76P has remarkable energy efficiency with long battery life and fast charging support, which optimizes the user experience more flexible and easier.
Powerful system, performance enhances productivity
- Support for registration with up to 10 Yealink W76P DECT handsets, W76P system is launched with maximum enhanced handling for 10 SIP accounts and 20 concurrent calls. More flexibility and mobility can be enabled through up to 6 optional repeaters to extend network coverage.
Well-designed handheld, featured for everyday work
Combining a vibrant color display with a dedicated modern design, the Yealink W56H DECT handset fits into the typical business workspace while offering rich telephony features and an immersive experience. Best experience in wireless communication.
More Options with Yealink's Full Solution of DECT Devices
Compatible with the entire range of Yealink DECT terminals including handsets, conference phones and DD phones, the W76P can be expanded to build wireless communication networks in other workspaces. together.
Streamline provisioning and management, saving your labor costs and time
- Yealink W76P supports efficient provisioning and easy mass deployment with Yealink Redirection and Provisioning Service (RPS) and Launch mechanism to help with remote deployment, maintenance and upgrade
The Yealink W76P phone of choice for building wireless communication networks in various SME workspaces.