Yealink WH62 Mono Headset

Yealink WH62 Mono Headset

Yealink WH62 Mono Headset with 2 Micro-USB connection, 320° Rotating Microphone Arm, up to 13 hours call time, wireless DECT range: 160 meters / 525 feet. Yealink WH62 Mono wireless headset works seamlessly with major UC and Microsoft Teams platforms while integrating natively with Yealink IP Phones.

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The much-anticipated Yealink WH62 Mono DECT Headphones represent Yealink's first entry into the wireless headphone market. The WH62 uses DECT wireless technology to provide the best wireless coverage in the office or home for unsurpassed freedom of movement.

Why do you choose Yealink WH62 Mono call center headset?
The unique headset is specially designed for use with desk phones with a USB Headset port and also for connecting to PC/Mac/laptop via USB cable. The Yealink WH62 Mono Headset is equipped with 2 microphones for best sound quality,
- Wireless Mono DECT Headset for your PC or phone
- Connect 2 Micro-USB
- Micro arm can be rotated 320°
- Ringer on the sole
- Support busy LED indicator
- Compatible with MS, UC and Skype for Business
- Call time up to 13h
Wireless DECT Range: 160 meters / 525 feet
Compatibility: USB2.0, 2 Micro USB, DECT Wireless
The Yealink WH62 Mono Wireless Headset connects to your Yealink PC or desktop IP phone via dedicated micro USB ports. The WH62 is equipped with 2 microphones for the best sound quality, and Yealink sound shield technology helps reduce outside noise. Single earphone provides HD sound quality.
Yealink WH62 Mono is the ideal DECT wireless headset to provide the best wireless coverage in the office or at home, giving you great freedom of movement. It allows you to work seamlessly with all UC platforms, MS Teams and integrates with Yealink VoIP phones
The Yealink WH62 Mono call center headset uses Super Wideband Technology and Acoustic Shield to suppress external noise and provide excellent sound quality during phone calls or video conferences.
Which cases are Yealink WH62 Mono headphones suitable for?
- Yealink WH62 Mono is ideal when you want to make headset calls over IP phones and via Microsoft Teams. Because it's a Mono headset, you can wear it and still keep in touch with others in the room. You also get complete freedom of movement because the headphones are wireless.

Outstanding features of the Dect Yealink WH62 Mono headphones
- Enjoy all-day conversation with premium soft leather padding and lightweight design
- Experience Optima Sound for Great Calls
- Sound shield technology for crystal clear calls
- Direct connection to your VoIP desk phone via a USB cable
- Busy LED for uninterrupted communication
- No more EHS adapter needed: connect your desk phone directly with a USB cable. There are also two Micro-USB ports contained in the base, supporting simultaneous connection to PC and IP phone.
With Yealink Super Wideband and Acoustic Shield Technology, the two built-in microphones in the WH62 Mono automatically block out ambient noise to ensure participants can hear clearly.
- No interruptions: Busylight is enabled in the WH62. When the light on the headset or the BLT60 on the desk turns red, people around will know that you are on the phone rather than accidentally interrupting.
All-day talk comfort: The WH62 Mono meets the demands of ergonomics with its soft, top-notch leather padding and lightweight design. Experience wireless range up to 160 meters from your desk.
The Yealink WH62 Mono headset is ideal for the office or call center who like to be on the go while on the phone. Yealink WH62 Mono WH62 is easy to adjust when worn, allowing you to talk without interruption and is also very comfortable, making it a pleasant companion when communicating.