Yealink WH63 Teams Headphones

Yealink WH63 Teams Headphones

Yealink WH63 Team unique wireless headset specially designed for use with desk phones with USB 2.0 port to connect to PC/Mac/laptop. The Yealink WH63 Teams headset uses DECT 6.0 to give you the best sound quality and range.
• USB 2.0 connection
• Bells on the base
• Busy light support
• Up to 8 hours talk time
• Standby time 54 hours, 2.5 hours for full charge
• Wireless range up to 120m

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Yealink WH63 Teams are DECT wireless headphones that deliver a refined audio experience with cutting-edge noise cancellation technology.
Yealink WH63 Microsoft Teams How Can DECT Wireless Headset Switch?
The Yealink WH63 Teams headset enhances the user experience as well as the experience of better sound quality so that users can hear clearly during calls and video conferencing. Yealink WH63 Team becomes a great convertible headset for work
• Supports 5 feature buttons
• 2 micro USB 2.0 cổng ports
• USB 2.0 connection to PC and VoIP phone
• Built-in busy LED indicator
• DECT6.0 connection for wireless operation
• Up to 8 hours talk time
• Wireless range up to 394ft (120m)
• Four wearing options in this convertible headset
• Works fully with all major UC platforms
The Yealink WH63 Teams headphones are designed with light weight (19g) in mind and it's ideal for long-term use while the soft faux leather ear cushions and padded headband provide all-day comfort. .
Yealink WH63 ultralight convertible USB headset for use with Microsoft Teams. It comes with your choice of wearing style and makes your communication more professional
The Yealink WH63 for Microsoft Teams has a built-in busy light on the headset that indicates when you're on a call to reduce interruptions, while the optional busy light bar can be connected to the base station via the 2.5mm port .

Outstanding features of Yealink WH63 Teams wireless headphones
The Yealink WH63 Coverable Wireless Headset for Microsoft Teams is the ideal accessory for any office environment. It represents Yealink's first entry into the wireless headset market.
- Work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and can connect to your PC or Yealink desktop IP phone via the dedicated micro USB port. Yealink WH63 uses DECT wireless technology to provide the best wireless coverage in the office or home for outstanding freedom of movement.
- With Yealink Sound Shield Technology, the two built-in microphones in the WH63 automatically block out background noise but ensure participants' voices are clear, increasing communication efficiency
- WH63 Teams supports different wearing ways, ear hooks, headbands and necklaces, meeting individual needs. Yealink WH63 Teams can free you from your desk up to 120m, and enjoy a larger wireless workspace and better work experience