Yealink WH63 UC DECT wireless headphones

Yealink WH63 UC DECT wireless headphones

Yealink WH63 UC DECT wireless headphones deliver an exquisite audio experience with Yealink Super Wideband HD Audio technology and Acoustic Shield technology. The Yealink WH63 UC headset ensures a crystal-clear audio experience, listening and speaking clearly during phone calls and video conferencing.
• USB 2.0 connection
• Up to 8 hours talk time
• Wireless range up to 120m/394 feet
• Yealink Sound Shield Technology
• Compatible with Teams and Skype for Business

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Yealink WH63 UC Wireless headphones are designed to be flexible allowing you to enjoy the best wireless coverage while working at the office or at home while having complete freedom of movement. Yealink WH63 UC headphones become a great convertible headset for work
Why can you focus on conversations using Yealink WH63 UC?
The Yealink WH63 UC is an ultra-lightweight wireless headset for hands-free communication - professional without the worry of lounging around.
• Supports 4 wearing styles
• 5 feature buttons
• 2 micro USB 2.0 ports
• Connectivity: 2 USB 2.0 . ports
• Talk time: 8 hours
• Wireless DECT Range: 120m/394 feet
• Standby time can be up to 54h
• Busy LED on the ear
• Supports BLT60 Busy Light
• Connect to PC, Mac or laptop via USB-A connection
No need for an extra EHS adapter, connect your Yealink desk phone directly with a USB cable. And 2 Micro USB ports are included in the base, supporting simultaneous connection with PC and phone, you can feel the crystal-like call experience as soon as you wear Yealink WH63 UC
No matter when and where your conversation begins, the Yealink WH63 UC headset can always keep up with your steps. With up to 120m/394 feet wireless DECT range and 8 hours talk time, it is suitable for users' daily communication needs.
With the Yealink WH63 UC wireless headset you can connect to wired desk phones and computer applications. So you can easily switch from landline calls and desktop apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom..
The Yealink WH63 UC has a built-in busy indicator on the headset that indicates when you're on a call to reduce interruptions, while an optional busy LED bar can be connected to the base station via the Jack 2 port. 5mm.