Yealink WH66 Dual UC Headphones

Yealink WH66 Dual UC Headphones

Yealink WH66 Dual UC New generation DECT Wireless Headset, combining compact design with rich voice communication performance.
• 4.0 inch (480 x 800) capacitive touch screen
• Yealink Sound Shield Technology
• 2 USB 3.0 . ports
• Wireless mobile phone charger
• Speakerphone
• Busy light support
• Compatible with Teams and Skype for Business

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Yealink WH66 Dual UC provides users with rich voice communication experience. The Yealink WH66 Dual UC Headset delivers enhanced features that help users redefine their workspace to boost productivity and work flexibility.
How to buy genuine Yealink WH66 Dual UC?
Yealink WH66 Dual UC can connect to multiple devices at once and use your mobile device for calls while at the office or on the go.
• 4.0 inch (480 x 800px) touch screen
• Talk time up to 14h
• Wireless range up to 525 feet (160m)
• 1 USB 3.0 Type-A port
• Integrated Bluetooth 4.2
• Connectivity: 2 USB 3.0 . ports
• Speakerphone
• Busy LED support
• Microphone can be rotated : 320°
• Connect to PC, Bluetooth and/or Yealink desktop IP phone via USB
Yealink WH66 Dual UC headset allows you to connect all your devices via bluetooth or USB port, you have control over your chats with the touch screen and you can make hands-free calls when you don't want to wear headphones.
Yealink WH66 Dual UC features high noise cancellation as well as a 4.0-inch screen touch panel that facilitates the use of a consistent, convenient interface that is already simple to use. The Yealink WH66 Dual UC headset offers sound shielding technology that eliminates unwanted noise so your calls are crisp and clear.