Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones

Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones

Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones are a comfortable, all-day headband style, with an RJ9 plug-and-play connection for Yealink phones. Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones support Cloud connection for remote adjustment to bring an unrivaled audio quality experience for users.

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Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones are a type of hooded headset for office workers, SOHO or call center workers. It supports the QD (Quick Disconnect) feature and is fully compatible with Yealink's enterprise IP phones.

Why choose Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones
Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones are ergonomically designed binaural headphones that are comfortable enough to use all day long.

Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones are highly appreciated headphones because it supports two-sided headphones that are suitable for any office environment, flexible but professional. Your work is much better with the support of YHS36 Dual, you can focus highly on your work with ease or listen to customer needs during the conversation.

- Ear cups

- Portable RJ9 / QD jack connector

- USB connection adapter

- Hand microphone rotate 330 degrees.

- Experience the most realistic Voice HD sound quality.

- Head-hug design, comfortable, easy to use and super lightweight

- Compatible with Yealink phones equipped with USB ports and 1.2 mm jacks

Depending on the needs of using Yealink YHS36 Dual call center headphones, you can make the best choices for you. In addition, the headset is integrated with RJ9 and device management software, because that you can have the best voice control.

Yealink YHS36 headphone features
The Yealink YHS36 Dual phone headset is characterized by high sound quality and is exceptionally comfortable to wear.The ergonomic design and light weight make the Yealink YHS36 Dual comfortable enough for long conference calls and usage. all day.

Fully compatible with Yealink Phones

- Running from factory, plug-and-play setup from QD to RJ9 connects to Yealink Desk phone. Perfectly combined with Yealink desk phones to bring you optimal sound quality and more advanced functions.

Better noise canceling microphone

Noise-canceling microphone minimizes outside noise, so listeners can focus more on the desired sound within reach, and nearby talkers are protected for most of the privacy of their conversations. call.

Experience the clearest sound quality

Designed for calls, these headphones feature broadband HD audio technology and passive noise cancellation ensuring richer and clearer conversations, while also eliminating background noise. .

Free to talk all day

Head-hugging design, ultra-light material and bio-protein leather ear cushions easily hold your head and ears. The ergonomic design makes the Yealink YHS36 Dual comfortable enough for long conference calls and all-day use.

Yealink YHS36 Dual headphones will be a great choice for your unit's callcenter system. Contact hotline: 1900 2626 for the best advice.