Yealink ZVC400 Zoom Rooms

Yealink ZVC400 Zoom Rooms

The Yealink ZVC400 HD video meeting room system offers a Zoom Rooms meeting experience with a small meeting space with 3 to 7 participants. Yealink ZVC400 suffers from professional video conferencing
- UVC40: plug-and-play USB video bar with camera, speaker and mic
- 8x ePTZ camera with 4k UHD sensor
- Automatic speaker framing for a natural experience
- MTouch II: 8" color touch screen for conference control
- Native Zoom UI for a seamless experience across devices
- MCore mini PC with Intel Core i5 . processor
- Zoom Rooms are pre-installed so ready to use

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Yealink ZVC400 is the certified Zoom Rooms video conferencing solution perfect for small groups and meeting rooms. The Yealink ZVC400 Zoom conference suite for small meeting rooms is seamlessly integrated with the Zoom Rooms app when using Yealink's advanced video and HD audio solutions.
Yealink ZVC400 has everything you need to interact, connect and collaborate seamlessly and intelligently
- Easy deployment
- 20 MP . camera
- Auto frame
- Follow the speaker
- Electric lens cap
- 8x . e-PTZ camera
- Share directly
- Equipment management
- Ideal for small group collaboration
Yealink ZVC400 is designed for Team Room and small meeting space with 3 to 7 participants. The Yealink ZVC400 Room System is a complete solution with a 20 Megapixel EPTZ camera housed in the soundbar with 8 built-in MEMS microphones, an 8-inch color touch LCD panel, Mini i5 w/Windows 10 PC, video peripherals and cable
ZVC400 Zoom Rooms system for small meeting rooms
- The Yealink ZVC400 Zoom Rooms system is a video solution designed for immersive (smart) Zoom meetings in small meeting rooms. Yealink ZVC400 can fulfill everything you need such as intelligent, seamless connection and collaboration with users inside and outside the meeting. Together with 8 MEMS microphone arrays and 133° rotatable field of view, advanced AI technology, including face detection, audio positioning and speaker tracking, and more, provides users with a high-quality calling experience. in full duplex mode. Consisting of only one high-performance MCore, one MTouch II touch panel and one USB video bar UVC40, the ZVC400 is the ultimate choice for small meeting rooms with easy deployment.
Keep everyone involved in smart video meetings
- Yealink UVC40 is integrated with AI technology, supports Auto-framing and Speaker Tracking. With its 133° wide-angle lens and Auto Framing, the UVC40 can perceive the number and location of attendees, smoothly framing everyone in the most appropriate view even in small meeting rooms. . Speaker tracking technology with 20MP camera, brings live meetings to life, experience high definition images. In addition, with the electric lens cap, the UVC40 camera can detect faces, automatically turn on and off the viewport with the help of quick detection, ensuring the privacy of your video conference room.
Seamless audio with full duplex and anti-interference experience
With Yealink Noise Canceling and Echo Cancellation Technology, UVC40 with 8 built-in MEMS microphone arrays and speakers allows users to enjoy a seamless full-duplex voice experience without interruption and talk freely. roof.
Instant setup for your ZVC400 room system
- In the ZVC400 room system, MCore cable management solution integrates data transmission and power cables into one CAT5e cable, providing a simple solution to complex cabling and reducing deployment time. Quick and easy deployment is possible simply by connecting the MTouch II and UVC40 to the MCore mini PC.
Share meeting room content wired and wireless
- Yealink ZVC400 allows meeting participants to share content with a variety of presentation options with various ways such as direct sharing, wired presentation with USB-C or HDMI port and wireless presentation with WPP20.
Unleash the potential of the meeting room
- Yealink BYOD-Extender supports switching between Zoom Rooms and different types of UC platforms. Simply plug a USB cable into your laptop and enjoy meetings on any platform with immersive audio and video experiences on dedicated devices.
The Yealink ZVC400 conferencing kit ensures easy deployment and great Zoom meetings for small meeting spaces.