Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Room conferencing equipment

Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Room conferencing equipment

The Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Room System is a video solution that includes everything a business needs to hold successful meetings in large meeting spaces. The Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Room offers users premium audio and video performance as well as the original Zoom Rooms experience.
- Zoom Rooms for large meeting rooms
- 1 x UVC84 Camera,
- 3 x Micro VCM34
- MCore mini computer,
- 8" MTouch II touch panel
- MSpeaker II sound bar,
- Yealink plug-in

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Yealink ZVC840 is a brand new video conferencing system released by Yealink that revolutionizes the Zoom Rooms meeting experience. Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Rooms is a bundled video solution designed for rich Zoom meetings in large rooms and extra-large spaces.
Why choose Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Room for online meetings and webinars?
The Yealink ZVC840 conference device is seamlessly integrated with the Zoom Rooms App and Yealink's advanced audio & video solutions.
• 1x UVC84 12X USB PTZ 4K optical camera with VCR20 remote control, wall bracket, power adapter and cables;
• Yealink MCore Kit (with MCore mini-PC and MTouch II), power adapter and cables;
• 3x VCM34 array microphones;
• 1x MSpeaker II soundbar, power adapter and cables;
• 1x PoE switch, power adapter and cable;
• Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS preloaded mini-PC and license, Zoom Rooms App and Yealink Plug-in.
Yealink ZVC840 is considered to cover all usage scenarios and gives you a great meeting experience in the conference room. Including a touch panel, audio/video peripherals, and MCore, the Yealink ZVC840 enhances the entire meeting experience with the familiar Zoom Rooms interface and near-learning curve. zero, allowing you to simply walk into the conference room and start your meeting. meeting with one-touch join or enter a few names and make an unscheduled call.
4K camera with auto frame captures every movement
- With an auto-framing 4K sensor and 12x optical zoom, the Yealink UVC84 Camera achieves a stunning, detailed and precise video experience perfectly for medium and large meeting rooms with up to 16 participants.
- The 4k video camera is equipped with fast wide-range optical zoom, sound bar and three microphone arrays to make your business discussions as authentic and interactive as possible.
Auto-framing and built-in audio Yealink UVC84 delivers authentic communication with attendees and auto-framing, everyone can watch at their best fit in meeting rooms of any size . UVC84 is a complete zoom video conferencing solution, ideal in large meeting rooms.
- Automatic privacy protection design ensures the safety of your meetings.
Great voice pickup Large space coverage
- With up to four VCM34 microphones supporting 20ft/360° voice pickup range and the MSpeaker II soundbar, the ZVC840 room solution ensures an immersive audio experience. Besides, Yealink Noise Proof technology effectively eliminates background noise, ensuring clear voice even in noisy environments.
Multiple Mounting Options Simplified Connections
- The MCore mini PC can be set up to a specific room layout. Can be installed flexibly by mounting on the wall or on the meeting table. In the Yealink ZVC840 room system, the MCore cable management solution integrates data and power into a single CAT5e cable, simplifying and reducing deployment time when connecting devices.
Remote management
- Yealink device management platform or cloud service can manage Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Rooms Kits, allowing administrators to control devices remotely easily. The platform supports remote configuration, firmware upgrade, monitoring, and diagnostics. Through Windows Update, users can get the latest version of the UVC camera driver and the Yealink Plug-in for Zoom Rooms, enhancing the Zoom Rooms experience.
Yealink ZVC840 is considered to be able to cover all usage scenarios and give your company a great meeting experience in the conference room. state-of-the-art audio and video solutions, making it easy to collaborate remotely with partners and colleagues.