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Conference equipment Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms "4K PTZ" - Good quality!

Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms Kits conferencing equipment for medium-sized meeting rooms with impeccable video quality experience. Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms equipment kit includes Yealink UVC86 4k Camera and 20.4x HD Zoom to cover medium and large conference rooms (up to 18 participants).
- Camera 4K optical zoom 12x UVC86
- Speaker MTouch-II
- Integrated audio, works with Yealink audio equipment
- Supports zoom up to 20.4x (12x optical, 1.7x digital)
- Support USB, HDMI and VON transmission ONLY

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The Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms are designed for collaboration spaces for medium to large meeting rooms that want to use existing audio equipment, or custom-fit rooms with Yealink audio equipment for full coverage. The Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms is a video solution that comes with a dual UVC86 4K eye-tracking camera, MCore mini-PC, and an MTouch II touch panel.
Why use Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms for online meeting rooms?
You can choose VCM34 / VCM38 / CPW90 array microphone and MSpeakerII Soundbar to work with Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms. The video solution delivers the premium Zoom meeting experience you need to quickly, seamlessly, and intelligently interact, connect, and collaborate with internal and external users.
- Camera 4K optical zoom 12x UVC86
- 4k/90°/12x . optical PTZ camera
- 4k / 120° . Digital Zoom Camera
- Ideal for groups of 8 to 18 participants
- Integrated HD audio with Yealink audio equipment perfect for meetings
- Supports zoom up to 20.4x (12x optical, 1.7x digital)
- Support USB 3.0 type A/C, HDMI and VONLY transmission
Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms kit Professional video is truly experienced as meeting participants watch 4k high definition video at 30fps for smooth, uninterrupted streaming. Dual 8MP Sony sensors, 4K wide-angle digital zoom lens, and 4K PTZ lens, enable seamless switching between speakers and group frames, bringing a true-to-life experience.
The Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms makes it easy to adjust the camera lens using the pan and tilt controls on the RCM20 controller, or use the high-definition 12x zoom for close-up shots. in a large meeting space.