Why did you choose Yealink for Zoom Room for your meeting room?
In a world where hybrid and remote work arrangements have become the norm, Zoom is one of the most frequently used collaboration platforms. Yealink's video bar system for Zoom allows employees to easily turn any small to medium-sized conference room into a Zoom Room. We look at some of the key functions and benefits of these solutions in this article
Video bar basics
The video bar combines a camera, microphone, speakers, and video output into a single compact unit commonly used for video conferencing in small and medium-sized conference rooms. The shape of a bar is convenient because it can easily be discreetly placed above or below the video screen, making installation simple and unobtrusive. This position also made participants look more natural when talking to their remote counterparts while viewing the screen.
- In addition to the audiovisual components, the video bar is essentially a mini computer with a processor and memory that runs an operating system and can be managed and controlled through a web interface or using a console device dedicated sensors.
The video bars are connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and can also be paired with a Bluetooth device for remote control, as well as to add peripherals such as microphones and speakers to expand the size. size of the meeting area.
- One of the featured features of the video bar is its simple and easy installation. It is estimated that after unboxing it will take about seven minutes to get it up and running.
Yealink's service
- Yealink offers two video bar-based Zoom Rooms systems that offer a wide range of features and capabilities.
- MeetBar Zoom A20 Meeting Room System: This solution is designed for huddle spaces and small conference rooms for up to five or six participants. The set includes the MeetBar A20, a video bar with a single 20-megapixel camera, eight MEMS microphone arrays with beamforming capabilities allowing for live voice pickup, full duplex communication, and speaker tracking enabling automatic camera Zoom in on the person speaking. The package comes with the CTP18 touchscreen control panel, a tablet-like device that provides direct access to the management interface of the entire system.
- MeetBar A30 Zoom Rooms system: This solution is suitable for medium-sized conference rooms for about a dozen participants. Included is the MeetBar A30, equipped with two cameras: one for panoramic analysis and the other for image export. Captured images are processed and enhanced to deliver the best possible rendering. With both a 120° wide field of view and electronic pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) capabilities, remote participants can get a bird's-eye view of all your attendees, but also benefit when zooming in on specific speakers. With the same microphone array and touchscreen control panel as the A20, the A30 offers greater flexibility for larger numbers of participants.
Key Features: Here's a more detailed look at the key features of each toolkit:- Zoom A20 meeting room system
    + Meeting table A20
      . Single camera 20 MP
        . 8x e-PTZ
        . Diagonal field of view 133°
        . auto frame
        . follow the speaker
        . One 5W . high fidelity speaker
        . Two HDMI display output ports for dual monitors
        . Android 9.0 . operating system
        . Supports 8 MEMS microphones
        . Voice-receiving beamforming
        . camera presets
        . Full duplex communication audio
    + CTP18 . touch panel
      . 8" Multi-Touch Screen
      . Resolution up to 1280 x 800mp
      . Connect to a video conferencing endpoint
      . direct share
      . Power over Ethernet
      . Wallpaper
- MeetBar's A30 Zoom Room System
    + Meeting table A30
      . Dual camera design
      . Wide camera: 8 MP / 120° field of view / 4x e-PTZ
      . Telephoto: 8 MP / 90° field of view / 10x hybrid zoom (3.5x optical, 3x digital) / Pan (+/- 25°) and portrait (+/- 25°)
      . auto frame
      . follow the speaker
      . Two 5W . high-fidelity external speakers
      . Two HDMI display output ports for dual monitors
      . Android 9.0 . operating system
      . Supports 8 MEMS microphones for Full-Duplex audio
      . Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
      . Voice-receiving beamforming
      . camera presets
      . Full duplex voice communication
    + CTP18 . touch panel
      . Same characteristics as A20 . kit
MeetingBar features and extras
- Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI): Both of these video bars offer an AI built-in camera, allowing for auto-framing and speaker tracking. It can automatically recognize the number and location of attendees, smoothly arranging everyone in the most appropriate view, even in small spaces. As different people speak, the camera can zoom and pan appropriately so that the person speaking is clearly seen, making dialogue more comfortable and natural.
- Zoom Rooms certified: Both of these systems are Zoom Rooms certified, which means they are approved for use with the Zoom video conferencing platform. This is not only a matter of licensing, but also verifying that the equipment, hardware and software are all sufficient to hold a Zoom conference with the standard and high quality required by the company.
Yealink's Zoom Rooms certified video bar systems provide high-quality, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and relatively economical communication systems that will improve the collaboration experience of hybrid and remote teams.