Yeastar DS7510 Workplace Display

Yeastar DS7510 Workplace Display

Yeastar DS7510 is a Room Display that provides an enterprise workplace scheduling solution to make better use of meeting rooms and other workspace resources. Yeastar DS7510 room interactive display thanks to distinguishable LEDs, ongoing meeting schedules, availability and more right on the dashboard.
- 10.1 inch TFT LCD touch screen
- Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
- Aspect Ratio 16:10
- 3 color custom LED lights
- Built-in wifi/bluetooth 5.0

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Yeastar DS7510 Rooms is a digital signage that collaborates with the Meeting Room Reservation System to display meeting room availability in real time using traffic indicator LEDs. The Yeastar DS7510 interactive display is mounted at the entrance of every meeting room, allowing staff to easily locate vacant rooms by color identification, even remotely.
The Yeastar DS7510 Rooms conference device features smart sensors to help streamline space allocation and save live collaboration from unnecessary scheduling conflicts.
- Customize any 3 colors to signal meeting room status
- 10.1” LCD touch screen (1280 x 800 pixels)
- Hide/show topic/meeting organizer flexibly
- Built-in wifi/bluetooth 5.0
Room Display DS7510 is a digital display board that works with Yeastar meeting room booking system to display meeting room availability in real time using LED traffic light indicator. Installed at the entrance of each meeting room, it allows employees to easily locate vacant rooms by color identification, even remotely.
Just book the meeting room in advance
- Tap the screen to reserve, register, renew and end meetings on-site. In the case of an impromptu group meeting, just tap the screen to start the meeting. The status of the room changes accordingly and the LED turns from green to red to avoid meeting interruptions and duplicate registrations
- Add your company logo, set a background image and customize the LED color to match your office environment
Outstanding features of the Yeastar DS7510 . Interactive Display
- Easy to install
     + Yeastar DS7510 Room Display supports wall and glass mounting options. Plus, with PoE (Power over Ethernet) adds deployment flexibility, even without a power outlet.
- Realize the use of smart room
     The Yeastar DS7510 also comes with smart sensors to help you maximize meeting space resources with accurate, real-time occupancy and occupancy data. The person counting sensor has a detection area of up to 48 m2 and an accuracy of 95% based on advanced AI analysis and recognition technology. People counting & occupancy data is synchronized with the online booking platform and real-time room display.
- Spot opportunities to optimize your meeting space
     + Get actionable insights into how your meeting space is being used. Yeastar DS7510 helps you make data-driven decisions about the number, capacity and layout of meeting rooms. Quickly respond to changes in headcount and anticipate future needs.
- Integrating Room Monitor with Calendar System
    + The use of calendar applications to manage daily schedules is so common in our lives that you must consider it when implementing a scheduling solution at work. The best meeting room schedule screens should integrate seamlessly with your calendar systems like Outlook and Google Calendar. So instead of switching back and forth, you can create events, search for rooms, check availability and amenities, and make reservations in seconds right from your favorite calendar app. The schedule will be automatically synchronized with Yeastar DS7510 Ghana and vice versa without manual updating.
Benefits of the schedule display in the meeting room
- Make it easier for employees to find and book available rooms
- Room availability in real time at a glance even remotely
- A visual overview of the day's bookings in a specific space
- Let employees know when to use the room
- Let employees know when to use the room
- Instant booking on site for special meetings
- Avoid ghost meetings where no one shows up or end earlier
- Eliminate interrupted meetings with clearly displayed real-time occupancy rate
- Collect data on space usage to generate actionable insights
- Modern working environment with professional image
The Yeastar DS7510 interactive display is the ideal workplace designed for modern offices and the future of work.