Yeastar P570 IP PBX

Yeastar P570 IP PBX Standard, Best Price

Yeastar P570 IP PBX is a reliable switchboard for small and medium businesses. Yeastar P570 supports 300 users, 60 concurrent calls, 3 Call Center Agents, 16 ports 16 FXO / FXS / BRI Ports ... In addition, Yeastar P570 PABX is a unified communication application, connecting anytime, anywhere. Realistic place and everything but works better on mobile, desktop and browser

Mã Product: Yeastar-P570

Bảo hành: 36 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Yeastar P570 PBX is an IP telephone exchange supporting analog phone lines, ISDN and IP, IP phones, video phones, video intercom, soft client on smartphones and desktop computers. .Yeastar P570 offers a scalable solution for up to 500 gadgets and smart integration.

Product parameters of Yeastar P570 IP PBX

Yeastar P570 PBX supports redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted telephone service, even in the event of a serious problem on the main system. Yeastar P570 VOIP PBX is perfect for companies with teleworkers and those who want to integrate the Microsoft Teams platform to use the same Teams client for phone calls.

- Base Users / Max Users: 300/700

- Max Concurrent Calls: 60/120

- Base / Max Call Center Agents: 300/500

- Max FXS Ports: 16

- Max FXO / BRI Ports: 16

- Max GSM / 3G / 4G Ports: 6

- Max E1 / T1 / J1 Ports: 2

- Expandable D30: 2

Features of Yeastar P570 PBX

Yeastar P570 IP PBX is equipped with 16 FXS ports to maximize the communication capabilities while using your phone to make calls, thereby maximizing work productivity. The excellent Yeastar P570 IP PBX system provides call center solutions to enhance agent efficiency, maximum response and customer satisfaction for small and medium enterprises operating in the middle. service mind. Yeastar P570 Phone System Compatibility with Yeastar Linkus UC Softphone and Linkus Cloud Service

Thông số tổng đài Yeastar P570

- Easy call management, intuitive web interface

- Flexible scalability

- Access to the system anytime, anywhere

- Automatically distribute reasonable calls

- Call efficiency measurement

- Strong performance

- Easy integration with mobile and desktop devices

- Menu voice for automatic answer

- Record conversation

- Voice mail

- Videoconferencing and sound

- SIP interaction

Yeastar P570 Voip PBX meets the needs of many companies and call centers, especially in the field of "customer service - support" that brings benefits to businesses. Yeastar P570 enhances interoperability with internal users and callers.

Outstanding capability of Yeastar P570 IP PBX

Yeastar P570 PBX PLUS Features: The Yeastar P570 system delivers more than what small and medium businesses would expect from any other mid-range business phone system when it comes to functionality. It is equipped with a full feature set that can not only handle daily business calls but also complex call operations, thus meeting the communication needs of a wide variety of small and medium businesses. Get premium solution with IVR, call queue, call recording, conference and many other advanced PBX features.

Chức năng tổng đài Yeastar P570

PBX PLUS UC client: You can easily access a comprehensive suite including call, conference, voicemail, presence, business directory, collaborate from a single interface using a mobile phone mobile, desktop and web browser, all while using your highly efficient Yeastar P570 IP PBX System, thanks to the built-in Linkus UC Clients that have been designed to enhance the experience and efficiency. communication results. Employees can connect with colleagues and customers, anytime and anywhere

- PBX PLUS CONTACTS DIRECTORY: Enjoy an easy and intuitive contact organization for your small and medium business with the IP PBX System. Users can both add external contacts to create a centralized, company-wide directory while managing their personal contact entries, thus benefiting from caller ID matching and dialing. As a result, corporate or personal contacts are synchronized across Linkus UC Clients, allowing easy access and dialing for employees at the office, mobile and remote.

- PBX PLUS CALL CENTER: The excellent Yeastar P570 PBX provides an incoming call center solution to improve agent efficiency, maximum response and customer satisfaction for small and medium businesses. operating the service center. In addition to standard communications features, Call Distribution, Leaderboards and Call Reporting are all designed to support more proactive performance monitoring, reporting, and management.

Ưu điểm tổng đài IP Yeastar P570

Remote work PBX PLUS: Yeastar P570 helps small and medium businesses adapt to a new home work culture by enabling mobile BYOD, reducing security and network administration challenges, supporting remote control and management, and team collaboration combined. It has remote-friendly features to achieve the unity of distributed teams and bring them all in one PBX system, thus maintaining cohesion and efficiency.

PBX PLUS Integrated System: Yeastar P570 works perfectly with 3rd Party platforms, including SIP endpoints, CRM, collaboration tools and more, thus delivering a unified experience with new simplicity and innovation like never before. Yeastar P570 D PBX system

Thông số kỹ thuật tổng đài IP Yeastar P570 


Yeastar P570 PBX 

Base Users/Max Users


Max Concurrent Calls


Base/ Max Call Centre Agents


Max FXS Ports


Max FXO/BRI Ports


Max GSM /3G/4G  Ports


Max E1/T1/J1 Ports


Expandable D30


Transport Protocol


Voice Codec

G711(alaw/ulaw) ,G722,G726,G729A,GSM, Speex,ADPCM,iLBC

Video Codec

H263, H263P,H264, MPEG4


In – band, RFC4733, RFC2833, SIP INFO

NFC Read/Write 


Ethernet Interfaces

2 × (10/100/1000Mbps)

Hard Disk 

1 SATA(up to 2TB)


1( up to 2TB)

Power Supply 

AC 100-240V with 50/60Hz 1.5A max


44 × 25.2 × 4.4



Form Factor

1U Rackmount


+ Operation Range: 0°C to 40°C, 32°F to 104°F

+ Storage Range: -20°C to 65°C, -4°F to 149°F

+ Humidity : 10 – 90% non-condensing