Yeastar Phone Systems

When learning about electronic networks - telecommunications, you have probably heard the concept of Yeastar or Yeastar switchboard. This is no longer a strange concept for small and large businesses. In this article, we would like to provide some basic and objective information about VoIP Yeastar - a modern, quality switchboard system in the Vietnamese market.

What is Yeastar?
Yeastar IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is Yeastar's newest IP-based PBX system. This product and service is produced to support more useful features for businesses, hotels, and restaurants. This not only helps to manage the resource system in the organization, but also maximizes the performance of the quality and service.

Yeastar VoIP also helps support many applications related to the industries that the business is operating in as well as the CRM and ERP systems of the business.

Advantages of Yeastar PBX
Yeastar PBX is one of the famous IP PBX systems, trusted by many people on the market. To explain why this Yeastar IP PBX is so popular today, let's learn about their outstanding advantages. Specifically:

Easy to manage and configure for the device
Yeastar PBX controls your phone system with an intuitive, easy-to-see and scientifically managed web interface. Not only that, quickly configuring the device, it will immediately alert you through email or registered SMS when something goes wrong. In addition, Yeastar mypbx also easily manages the system whether you are using a PC, phone or any other Internet-enabled device.

Great compatibility
One of the advantages that Yeastar is trusted by consumers is its excellent compatibility with large systems. Some of these systems are referred to as worldwide SIP / ITSP system, IP phone or SIP camera. Not only that, it can also be compatible with Softswitch, CRM, ERP or other related applications.

Support Auto Provisioning function
On the market today, there are many different IP phone brands such as Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, Snom, Vtech, Fanvil, Htek, Panasonic, Gigaset, Alcatel Business ... Yeastar PBX can be configured quickly in series. This phone device helps users to experience the product in a better way.

Easy system expansion
With the easy system expansion, VoIP Yeastar can meet more of the needs of its customers. Because it is cleverly manufactured, there are many expansion modules for the case customers wish to expand their phone system.

Service support and maintenance

With a product or device related to technology and electronics, 24/7 service support is a plus thing that customers care about. Yeastar directly connects customers with the company in order to fix the errors directly for customers. This helps to serve better, faster even if the customer is far away, out of time zone.

Not only that, customers can be completely assured with Yeastar's support and maintenance services. Because the system owns a team of experienced technicians with high expertise, certified by Yeastar.

In addition, its products are of good quality but still have a high warranty period, up to 3 years. In particular, Yeastar also fully supports features to help upgrade and maintain quality products and services.

Application calculator of Yeastar's PBX
Yeastar PBX is used in many businesses by its inter-branch calling capabilities or integrating with management systems such as CRM, ERP to manage stores and businesses. With the advantages of installation, ease of use, and many other features, yeastar mypbx is still a perfect choice for many businesses.

To be able to install the Yeastar switchboard, you can access the website to get specific advice, details about the application and product information. GTC TELECOM is considered a prestigious and quality address, so you can be completely assured when using the service here.

Some of the commitments that GTC TELECOM commits to its customers:

Good yeastar mypbx service, with guaranteed quality from the manufacturer

Experienced, highly specialized technical staff handle product problems quickly

Competitive price in the market

Good after-sales service: Warranty up to 3 years

Enthusiastic consultant, answering customers' questions in detail

We hope that information about Yeastar VoIP in general and GTC TELECOM's installation address in particular will help you have an objective view of this product. From there, you can easily decide and choose the virtual switchboard solution that suits your needs.