Yeastar Room Display DS7310

Yeastar DS7310 - 10.1inch meeting room scheduler interactive screen

Yeastar Room Display DS7310 digital signage to work with meeting room booking systems. The Yeastar DS7310 reservation screen allows you to view and manage meeting room bookings, activate meetings, postpone meetings, confirm start (registration) and view room technical equipment
- 10.1 inch IPS LCD touch screen
- Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
- 3-color side LED lights
- Android 11 operating system
- Connect Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Mã Product: Room display DS7310

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Yeastar DS7310 Room Display is a workplace display platform that allows you to view the status of your video conferencing room (free, busy, closed, booked within 15 minutes).
Are you looking for a meeting room booking screen?
Yeastar Room Display DS7310 is a digital board that works with Yeastar Workplace Meeting Room Reservation System to display meeting room availability in real time, using LEDs.
- 10.1-inch IPS LCD screen (1280 x 800 pixels) multi-touch
- Built-in camera 200W pixels
- Any custom 3-color side LED lights to signal meeting room status
- Android 11 operating system
- Connect Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
- Compatible with Yeastar Workplace
The Yeastar Room Display DS7310 is a digital signage that collaborates with the Yeastar Meeting Room Reservation System to display meeting room availability in real time using color LED indicator lights. The Yeastar DS7310 is mounted at the entrance to the meeting room, allowing employees to easily locate vacant rooms by color identification, even from a distance.
Tap the screen to reserve, register, renew, and end meetings on the spot. In the event of an impromptu group meeting, simply tap to start the meeting and the room status will change accordingly with the LED changing from green to red, preventing meetings from being interrupted and booked. duplicate.
Yeastar Room Display DS7310 combines identity authentication and access control that will allow you to manage meeting room usage with a greater level of granularity. When people book, check in, or end a meeting on the Room Screen, they'll be asked to verify their identity on the spot via facial recognition or scan a QR code before entering the room
Features of Yeastar Room Display DS7310
- Book a meeting room
- Check availability
- Check-in (confirms the start of the meeting)
- Search for another room and book another room
- Specify the room's devices (projector, video conferencing, microphone, touch screen, etc.)
- Change free/busy status
- Company logo – room name (customizable)
- Can be installed on the wall by plug and screw or double-sided adhesive on a smooth surface
- Easy to use
    The Yeastar DS7310 Room Display is equipped with a very bright color LED that helps display the status of the room even at a distance.
- Efficient use of workspace
    + Touch screen Yeastar DS7310 Room Display, allowing you to view and manage meeting room reservations, activate meetings, postpone meetings, confirm start (registration), view technical equipment of the room.
- Power supply and network connection
    The Yeastar DS7310 Room Display can be powered via a PoE power supply or a PoE switch. Select one of the following methods to power on the Monitor in the room and connect to the Internet.
- Status at a glance
    + With the Yeastar DS7310 Room Display mounted outside the conference space, you can instantly know the availability of the room in real time thanks to the 3-color LED that is distinguishable even at a distance.
- For walk-in booking
    + In case there is an impromptu group, just tap to start the meeting. Outsiders can clearly see when the current meeting will end and when there is room on the screen, avoiding overlapping check-ins and meeting interruptions.
- Check-in to avoid absence
    + Ask your employees to check in with a simple tap. This way they can secure the room for the reservation period, otherwise the room will be released and rebookable. If the meeting ends earlier than expected, tap to end the meeting to make the room available for others to use.
- Book
    + Yeastar DS7310 Room Display, is a screen outside the door, allowing to view the status of the video conference room (free, busy, closed, booked within 15 minutes), and also allows viewing the reservation schedule of the meeting room or class.
- Online booking system
    + Switch from old-fashioned manual booking to an intuitive online interface.
    + No need to walk from room to room, see all bookings in full view, whether present or future.
    + Filter by location, seating capacity and amenities to find the availability that best suits your schedule and needs.
    + You just need to click on the pre-set time frame to make a reservation. Add attendees to your meeting and they'll be notified by email.
- Book directly from your calendar system
    The Yeastar DS7310 Room Display works with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar to provide a single access point for meeting events and booking bookings. Instead of switching back and forth, you can create events, search for rooms, and book in seconds right on your favorite calendar platform.
     . Choose a room without leaving your calendar system
     . Room details and seating capacity are listed
     . Meeting schedule & changes are synced both ways
     . Support easy and flexible login just one time to delete

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