Latest news from Yeastar: Yeastar updates more features for the P-Series IP PBX line
A complete PBX system, plus more capabilities. Customer expectations have skyrocketed. Purpose-built for SMEs to meet more sophisticated communication needs, the PBX P-Series System is a converged system to wrap a suite of services, including voice, videos, apps, collaboration, and more.
Although Yeastar PBX P-Series has fully met the needs of all businesses, Yeastar has recently updated with many new features to better support customers.
Yeastar has a huge bundle of exciting new features on the P-Series PBX System for you, including:
- New Linkus Desktop Client
- Video call on Linkus Mobile Client (iOS)
- Video preview of doorphone on Linkus Web/Desktop Client
- Microsoft Teams Integration
- Outlook integration
- Enhanced Azure Active Directory integration
- PBX provisioning template
- Two-factor authentication
- Global anti-hack IP block list
- Hot Desking
Don't hesitate, dive right in to see how they can bring new possibilities to your business.
Join my Yeastar live stream for complete tutorial
- There will be a live stream on Yeastar's YouTube Channel with an in-depth introduction to exciting new features and a live demo. Stay tuned, save your date and we'll see you then!
New Linkus Desktop Client
- The highly anticipated new Linkus Desktop Client for PBX P-Series Systems is finally here! With an even sleeker, more modern and user-friendly interface, it's ready to turn your Windows or macOS computer into a feature-rich phone, allowing users to make and receive calls with many communication possibilities.
- You have many call control features at your fingertips, such as call transfer, hold, mute, recording, etc. as well as higher efficiency enhancement and UC features such as Presence, Contacts, CTI, Function Keys and Flip Call. Furthermore, the new Linkus Desktop Client is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, effectively complementing the calling experience on these platforms.
Note: This new Linkus Desktop Client is compatible with PBX P-Series Systems only. If you want a desktop softphone for S-Series VoIP PBX, please download Linkus Lite at Yeastar.
Enhanced Azure Active Directory Integration
- As you may know, customers can synchronize users, organizational units, and groups from Azure Active Directory to P-Series PBX with auto-generated or matched extensions. They can also log in to Linkus Mobile and Web/Mobile Clients with Single Sign On (SSO) to save time and enhance account security.
- With the latest update, both public and personal mailbox contacts can be synchronized with P-Series folders. The extension's presence status will also be updated based on the Microsoft Teams status. Now, PBX P-Series and Microsoft 365 integration just got more powerful.
PBX provisioning form
- No more repetitive tasks of configuring each customer's PBX system from scratch! You can now easily create and apply provisioning templates to automate the configuration process.
- Right on Yeastar Central Management (YCM), access “Repository” to customize your templates to apply to P-Series Appliance, Software and Cloud Edition. Configuration items include extensions, trunking, call control settings, IVR, PBX settings, and system date and time. Once the templates are ready, simply schedule the task to take effect on multiple PBXs at the same time.
- For P-Series Devices and Software Instances, a Premium Management account is required to access this feature.
    + How to buy: You just need to log in to Yeastar Partner Portal and go to the Purchase section. Refer to the Documentation right on the interface if you have any questions during the implementation process.
    + Free Trial: Yeastar Partners can try Remote Management Premium account for free with 10 connections for 30 days.
   Note: for Yeastar Partners with 1 free remote management connection prior to this version, you will be upgraded to a Premium Management account with 10 connections valid for 1 year and all connections will expire term later.
Two-factor authentication
- Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security that helps protect your account by requiring two different types of information to log in. The first factor is the information you used to sign in to your account, such as a password or PIN. The second element is usually the code sent to your device.
- Yeastar currently supports 2FA on PBX PBX System, Linkus UC Client and Yeastar Central Management. With 2FA enabled, users can complete the process using a smartphone authentication app or via email. They can also save trusted devices that can bypass 2FA. It's like double locking your account to keep it safe.

Global anti-hack IP block list
- PBX is often the target of hackers, who can try to crack extension registration passwords, SSH, etc. They often use multiple identical IP addresses to launch attacks on common default gateways on the public internet. Yeastar Global Anti-hacking IP Blocklist is designed to prevent such attacks and further enhance system security.
- Once enabled, this feature allows the P-Series PBX to automatically download weekly block lists to block requests from those sources. You can opt-in to this program by reporting your own block-listed IP addresses to a central database. Yeastar will analyze these suspicious IP addresses and add them to the global block list.
Hot Desking
- As work arrangements become increasingly flexible, many employees often share desks, computers, phones, and other devices. This Hot Desking feature allows employees to place and receive calls using the extension's caller ID and personalized routing strategy on a shared desk phone. They can simply log in to the hot desk phone to make it their own extension, with access to their personal extension account, voicemail, contacts and other settings, and logout time when they leave.

Please refer to the release notes for full details: Cloud Edition | Household version | Software version.
Ready to try these new features? Check out the new version in your P-Series PBX Management Portal. If you're new to the P-Series PBX, please sign up for a free trial to experience all of this and more!