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Sound announcement, meeting room sound, IP announcement sound, office sound, building announcement sound, announcement speaker... The IP announcement sound system is simply a combination. The announcement sound devices are connected to each other to form a link chain, which has the effect of expressing, transmitting and informing to individuals, organizations, collectives, public places, buildings, supermarkets. ..In the notification sound system will include basic indispensable equipment such as announcement speakers, amplifiers, microphones, audio converters, timers…
What is an announcement speaker system?
- The sound system is connected to basic equipment to broadcast news, content, messages of organizations, individuals or collectives, enterprises, public places.... notification sound.
- Announcement sound system is a set of sound notification devices for the purpose of announcing and warning a message or a certain announcement to everyone, the notification sound system installed in communes, wards, commercial centers, large offices, buildings, factories, factories, schools, hospitals...
What equipment does the notification sound system need?
- Speaker announcement (Can use ceiling speaker, compressor speaker, wall speaker) of Yealink, Jabra, Zycoo....
- Amplifier notification
- Microphone announcement (Used to directly announce messages)
- Set of central control devices (Used in case you need to divide the area)
- Other input sources (You can use Laptop, computer, phone to announce a certain message)
Application of the notification sound system in which cases?
- In practice, the notification sound system has a great application, applied for public purposes to call for solidarity, sharing, discipline, collective consciousness, community ... The role of Sound announcement is indispensable in companies and organizations with large models and departments, especially export processing zones, factories, factories, and industry. Installed and used in many different areas.
- Application with several locations such as
   + In schools: Notify all students and teachers, about news and messages that can be combined with playing music at recess.
   + In restaurants, supermarkets, and commercial centers: Most must use an announcement sound system, loudspeakers are used in cases of information announcement, emergency fire alarm, warning, search Children lost their parents or can use the notification sound system to play background music.
   + Hospital: Used to notify departments, doctors, patients of urgent news, or arrange turns, call patients' names.
   + Buildings, apartment buildings: Large buildings and apartment buildings are required to install an announcement sound system to announce emergency messages such as fire alarms, relocation alarms or certain messages.
   + Workshop: Use the notification sound system to announce news and activities to all workers or a certain department.
- There are also many other public areas and places that are used such as airports, hotels, restaurants, train stations, piers, bus stations, etc., for the purpose of informing people or combining between notification and background music

With the above notification sound content will help you better understand the notification sound system. If you still have questions or need more detailed advice on choosing notification sound devices, please contact GTC Tech for support!