Zycoo audio equipment

Digital IP audio communication solutions for every business. GTC TECH is a distributor of IP and Analog audio products. We provide market leading solutions for commercial and industrial applications where functionality and ease of use are essential. Whether you need a single speaker, an amplifier or an entire emergency communications system, we are your sound system delivery partner.
Zycoo IP Sound System - Zycoo IP Bell System
- Zycoo is a series of IP audio systems for playing bells, music, general announcements or scheduled messages. They can be activated manually through the IT network or remotely using a remote control or smartphone
The all-in-one IP audio solution for everything you need for IP voice
- To create a comfortable and pleasant environment for customers and visitors, background music will always be the best choice for shopping malls, Office buildings, Apartments, retail stores, guests Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, restaurants and other commercial establishments. The ZYCOO IP Audio solution provides flexible options for business operators with all the capabilities of background music applications.
- Industrial facilities, warehouses, office buildings, garages and some other secured premises, access control is always required. Internal voice or video communications between the visitor and the facility owner will help confirm the visitor's identity before allowing access. Besides, door control is also included, customs clearance can be given immediately after identity confirmation.
- Natural and man-made disasters are always a threat to the safety of our community. Especially in public spaces that are crowded with people. ZYCOO IP Audio is a highly efficient public address system that can be used to warn, give early notice or instruct the public to evacuate or move from hazardous areas where it is essential. ZYCOO IP Audio Solution provides quick live announcement and automatically triggers alarms and emergency announcements for a specific or large area, to ensure everyone is informed. case
- On campus, public libraries, museums and other public places, sounds and announcements are played to a regular public audience at specific times every day. Like school bells, notices and regulations regarding entrance to libraries and museums. With ZYCOO IP Audio Solution, it is possible to create unlimited timetables, unlimited sounds and announcements to create broadcast schedules, or connect independent sound systems in different locations to meet all needs. user needs
Zycoo IP Announcement Sound is a unique advantage, all of our endpoints integrate with a suite of software solutions to support a custom alert, video and alarm ecosystem. Deployments can easily scale from one to thousands of IP Endpoints to create an efficient, cost-effective solution.

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