Zycoo conference equipment

IP Audio Zycoo - Zycoo IP Audio Announcement Solution with Zycoo Speakers and Audio Devices
Zycoo IP Audio Announcement System "turns a traditional audio system into professional IP audio"
Zycoo IP Audio system announces and plays background music for buildings, supermarkets, airports, commercial centers, railway stations, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, public places,... Instead of Using a traditional audio system to broadcast announcements or regulations, Audio IP Zycoo will provide a professional, fast IP announcement solution.
Why use Zycoo IP audio announcement system?
The Zycoo IP Audio control system supports the remote announcement manager to the control and operation center of the IP audio system. Functions as an intuitive notification controller set up on a laptop or smartphone.
- Provides up to 500 simultaneous call or notification devices
- Register up to 4000 SIP accounts
- Support up to 500 Users to participate in the meeting
- Call paging, zone, schedule, group, emergency notification, unlimited alarm