Zycoo Coocenter S10 + switchboard

Zycoo Coocenter S10 + switchboard

Zycoo Coocenter S10 + PBX is a mini Call Center line that supports 20 Agents, 40 Users, 10 concurrent calls, integrates crm to help businesses improve the efficiency of customer care systems. Coocenter S10 + switchboard offers significant savings in operating costs for optimal business marketing.

Mã Product: Zycoo-Coocenter-S10

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

19,425,650đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
Quý khách để lại số điện thoại chúng tôi sẽ gọi lại ngay.
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Zycoo Coocenter S10 + PABX offers a complete combination of Call center, IP Centrals, CRM applications and other applications easy to use, deploy and maintain, thus creating a complete machine for businesses. SME, call center and contact center.

Basic features of Zycoo Coocenter S10 + PBX

Coocenter S10 + IP PBX supports 4 FXO ports which are implemented for analog lines and support VoIP line. Coocenter S10 + uses WebRTC technology that supports pop-ups, CRM, ACD and statistical reports. CooCenter S10 + IP PBX is a fully featured IP PBX, Call Center, CRM and Telemarketing system solution. This is an ideal choice for small and medium businesses looking to improve internal communication, customer care, and improve the company's telemarketing effectiveness.
- Supports 20 Agents

- Supports up to 40 Users

- Support 10 concurrent calls

- Popup call information (call note notes)

- Click - to - Call the call

- Call queue

- Call Reminder (call reminder)

- Auto Dial (create script, automatically call back used to survey customer feedback service)

- Built-in Mini CRM

- Supervise all live calls

- Remind or monitor all Agents online

The Zycoo CooCenter S10 + PBX has highly efficient call handling that improves business production and overall customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is key to any business success, the CooCenter S10 + satisfaction survey helps businesses establish a better customer service feedback mechanism to help ensure that customers are Get excellent service levels.

Advantages of Zycoo Coocenter S10 + PBX
- Cost saving: With the cost for: CooCenter-S10 +, customers will get a full featured IP PBX system for daily business phone calls, plus Call Center solution with Integrated CRM functionality for telemarketing and customer care. This combination significantly reduces the costs a small business would have to pay if they bought the solutions independently.
- Easy to install and manage: CooCenter-S10 + is easy to install and manage, no need for IT specialist. All features are ready to use on the web interface, resulting in a simple and trouble-free installation experience.

Security: A variety of security related features help protect your data. Recordings, call logs, internal customer data, VPN encrypted communications, PIN controlled outgoing calls and various levels of system access controls help secure your your business and communication problems

Outstanding features of Zycoo CooCenter S10 + PBX
- WebRTC: Using the latest WebRTC technology, the operator can easily answer a call on the web extension without the need for a phone.

- CRM integration: CRM integrated system helps small businesses improve communication efficiency with customers.

Call display: Self-display calls on the operator's web extension with information and call history available, for the operator to see before making the call. This allows the operators to be better prepared to serve customers.

- IVR (Multi-Layer IVR): Multi-layer IVR can lead caller to IP PBX branches and the operator will receive the call at call center queue according to caller's request most effectively. High-performance call handling improves business productivity and customer satisfaction.

- Satisfaction Survey: Customer satisfaction is the key to success for any business. The CooCenter-S10 + satisfaction survey helps businesses establish a better customer service feedback mechanism to help ensure that customers are getting a great level of service.

Zycoo Coocenter S10 + PBX is ideal for small and micro companies that want to improve internal communication, customer service, and improve the efficiency of Phone Marketing Company

Thông số kỹ thuật tổng đài VoIP CooCenter S10+


CooCenter S10+

Phần cứng


- Bộ nhớ: 16GB SD Card

- USB (Bộ nhớ ngoài): USB2.0 (Tối đa 1TB mobile HDD với nguồn điện bên ngoài)

- Ethernet: 2x10/100Mbps

- Nguồn: Input AC 100~240V

Dung lượng hệ thống

- Call Center Agents: 20 (WebRTC hoặc máy nhánh SIP )

- Máy nhánh: 40

- Cuộc gọi đồng thời: 10

Cổng giao tiếp


Tính năng Call Center

- Cuộc gọi tự hiện thị

- Hàng đợi cuộc gọi

- Nhắc gọi lại

- Điện thoại viên từ xa

- SIP Agents WebRTC

- Agents


- Giám sát cuộc gọi 

- Click-to-call

- Tự động quay số

- Khảo sát khách hàng

- Thống kê cuộc gọi

- Tích hợp CRM 

- Questionnaire

- Chen ngang cuộc gọi

- Whisper

- Coaching IVR

- Voicemail

Tính năng tổng đài IP

- Caller ID 

- Video Calls

-  Phát thanh & Intercom

- Voicemail 

- DID 

- Voicemail đến email

- IVR 

- Đặt mã PIN 

- Ghi âm cuộc gọi

- Gọi 3 chiều

- Gọi hội nghị 

- Phone Provisioning

- SIP Trunking

- Danh sách đen


- Mã tính năng 

- Chuyển cuộc gọi

- Call Parking

- Giữ cuộc gọi Chờ cuộc gọi

- Gọi 3 chiều

- SIP Trunking

- Mã tính năng

- Chuyển tiếp cuộc gọi

- Giữ cuộc gọi

- Chờ cuộc gọi

- Đổ chuông theo nhóm

-  Nhận hộ cuộc gọi 

- Nhạc chờ

Tính năng mạng

- Giao thức mạng: IPv4, IPv6

- Chế độ: Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE

- VPN (Server/Client): L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN

- Giao thức truyền: UDP, TCP, TLS


Bảo mật

- Audio Codecs: Firewall, IP Blacklist, Auto Defense

- Video Codecs: H.264, H.263+, H.263, H.261

- Signaling: SIP (RFC3261), IAX2

- DTMF Mode: RFC2833, SIPINFO, In-band

Môi trường hoạt động

- Hoạt động: 0℃~40℃

- Lưu trữ: -20℃~55℃

- Độ ẩm: 5~95%

Kích thước

- Unit: 440x232x44mm

- Packing: 500x310x95mm